Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Feels of Cinesthesia

After a week of films, personalities, attitudes and budding feelings, I would say that my second year indulging myself to Cinemalaya Independent Films was worth it.

Credits to Starmometer

I never would have thought that I would obsess over the Philippine indie scene after seeing Thelma, directed by Paul Soriano, last year. From then on, I invested my time on independent movies and checking out directors as well as scriptwriters. And to fully submerge myself into the world of these unconventional thinkers, I needed to go back to the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) to watch films that I felt at that time would give me jitters and cause mind blowing-ness. (if that is even a word. Maybe not.)

And from July 28-29 and August 3-4, I truly was blown away by the captivating stories presented this year. And though I haven't necessarily said my individual assessments on the films, the whole experience was endearing and worth-while.

Now with my individual assessments, I wouldn't be sugar-coating things though I did say the stories were captivating. Just you know, read. You'll understand. HAHA!

I've seen only 10 films: 7 from the New Breed Category Full Length features and 3 from the Directors' Showcase Category. Unfortunately, I didn't get tickets for the shorts because of the shortage of tickets and seats.

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