Monday, January 27, 2014

HER: A Short Story (Part 1)

(So recently I decided to pursue this story in my head. It will be in parts until I think that the story could end or even not end but I feel like it did... I'm sorry! I'm complicated! Anyway, here it is. Please enjoy!)

Photo Credits to IPickMyNose of DevianArt

I've always wondered about that existence of yours, whether you were real or just a fragment in my eyes, playing with my heart. It seems that I am playing with my own, hurting the very veins by the thought of you.

I've marveled at your beauty when we first met. I could not take my eyes off of your eyes. There was distance in them but they were never dead. You never did notice, didn't you? How I looked at you? You come by the shop almost everyday, with a man by your side. I envied him. He was near you, while I was in the counter, looking at you profusely, with all the intent in my heart to love you.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


So, it's practically been 5 months I guess, since I posted a movie review! And I feel so terribly damned by that! I have been seeing movies lately, but not entirely in the mood before to blog about them. But I am gonna blog about them. Soon. Pending reviews. I feel like I have a death toll. 

I have been itching to write a review for some time now (though I did say I was not in the mood. Sorry. A certain self-proclaimed disorder playing about). But I am a true masochist and I like to make it hard on myself to have so much other content and pages on my blog to update that I sort of forgot that this even existed. OH YES! THE SHAME!  But I am making it up to you now!!!

I have promised to do a Catching Fire movie review, but since I just recently got the necessary materials for that, then I'd leave that pending even if you all know what I will be talking about -_-

Okay, no more rants! Time for the review! Here we go! I PROMISE YOU! IT WILL BE FLUFFY!

Photo Credits to Disney Wikia

Frozen, produced by Disney, is a story of two sisters Anna and Elsa who are both princesses of the quaint country, Arendelle. Elsa, who is the eldest, can use ice sorcery. She amuses Anna with it but an accident causes Anna to lose her memories of Elsa's powers and for Elsa to keep her powers secret from Anna. This also causes a rift in their relationship. This also causes the King and Queen to hide this fact from their subjects, thus closing the palace gates and keeping the children isolated.

The years passed, and after a tragic voyage to the sea, the king and queen die, which leaves both the princesses orphaned. This in the end, causes Elsa to become queen of the land of Arendelle.

During the coronation, everything seems to be fine. Anna is happy about being able to meet the people from outside the palace gates and meeting true love in the form of Prince Hans. He proposes marriage to her that very day. Elsa who find out about it, is infuriated but walks out telling Anna she could not get married, scared to reveal her powers but Anna disapproves and confronts her. At rage, Elsa unintentionally reveals her magic! Afraid she'll hurt anyone, she runs off but leaves the whole kingdom in a curse of eternal winter. 

Photo Credit to Movie Wallpaper

Anna, with the help of  ice trader and mountain man, Kristoff and his trusty sidekick reindeer, Sven and a magical snowman named OLAF, they search for Elsa in the wicked angst of the winter storm, to stop her by all means, bring her back to Arendelle, and most importantly, bring back summer!

Photo Credits to Rope of Silicon

I don't want to spoil the story for you guys by giving you some sort of introduction already. HAHAHA! But I will tell you this: THE STORY IS ADORABLE, RIVETING AND ALL IN ALL, WONDERFULLY CRAFTED! You got to hand it to DISNEY! They did it again, and put on a plot twist to an original, and almost redundant concept of TRUE LOVE! HAHA! And this plot twist my friends, would make you so much more appreciative of relationships I tell you!

The visuals of the film are fantastic, reminiscent of TANGLED (another Disney film) which uses CGI and hand-drawn animation! The mix of pastel and vibrant colors to contrast the gloomy mood of winter offsets and brings life to the characters! Each character is given enough attention to detail and their personalities, shine through each scene, giving you a taste of what to look forward to next! 

THE MOVIE, as always with Disney, IS A WONDERFUL MUSICAL! I love it to pieces! From the beginning up until the end you'd be given sentimental walkthrough-icey-capped-mountains sort of musical numbers or a skippidy, joyous single of a funny snowman looking forward to summer and getting a tan! HAHA!

Listen to some of them here:

Monday, January 20, 2014

Poppy: A Short Story

(NOTE: First of all, I changed my Photo Junkie page into this Story Board Page!)
This is the first story I ever posted here. Please don't hate me for it! It's a typical story, so please don't hate me.. :')

Photo Credit to Fine Art America

There were times when Poppy would just pop up from our window and climb in to our house. She was a bottle of sunshine to everyone in the village. I loved how Poppy smiled and would take my toys and rip them apart like it was hers. She lived a few houses away from mine, but she became my friend instantly after a few bullies at the park ganged up on me.

“OI! Leave the kid alone!!! I think he’s had enough!”, she said to the other kids who were then, pushing sand to my face .

Since Poppy taller and bigger than most of the kids, they ran away and left me alone. She pulled me up, patted my clothes clean of sand and flashed me a smile. I think that was also the time that I knew that Poppy would mean more than a friend. She would be my strength.

Poppy was never the type to talk about herself. She just liked living for the day; play as much as she could, laugh as much as she could, but she never sat down to tell me secrets of her life. She never invited me to her house but she was always welcome in mine. I got curious.

One day, I decided to secretly follow her. The way she walked was much calmer and slower. She then stopped at one house that look shambled and distressed. I stared at her as she quickly rushed inside the house. She held her small, tattered coat as she went in, with her head down and a face that I have never seen. I heard incessant screams afterwards. They pierced through both my ears and heart. I wanted to go to the house but my legs won’t move. In a heartbeat, they moved the opposite direction, headed home.

If I Share My Stories

HELLO MISFITS! I have something that I have been worrying to ask about ever since by I don't know how to confront you of it or what, but please tell me, ARE YOU NOT REAL? NAH!!! JUST KIDDING!

What I meant to say was, that I have been, as much as possible, honest with you guys with a few things about me, through my page, THE MISFIT DIARY. And though some of my friends find it incredibly stupid to rant about CHEESE maybe or finding a FUTURE BOYFRIEND to people whom I'm not sure actually read my blog, I just find surrender and release to just type in things on my computer with sadness, hate or happiness. There's contentment to them. And it's the same with writing stories!

I love writing stories ever since I was a kid. Probably around 5 years old when my stories revolved on cats and dogs or why the Gingerbread Man did not allow poor Susie to keep warm at night. Yeah. I was 5. Cut me some slack. But through the years, I was subjected to more interesting concepts and have been writing more complex, hopeful or tragic stories (I think tragic is an understatement..LOL! KIDDING).

And recently, I have tried to find portals where I can share my stories. Yeah, Wattpad is safer, but I feel like my stories would be up against romantic sad-saps or teenagers meeting their prince charmings and they all live happily ever after. No offense to Wattpad writers, yeah. I have read a few stories there that I might say, worth my time. It's just that they aren't as known or understood basically coz we've been fandomized. Again, sorry but not entirely sorry.

And as much as I do condemn romantics, I do write a bit about them but let's say it's more like Looking For Alaska-ish than The City of Bones-ish. Get it?

So, I wanna share them with you! I really do! But then, the thing is. I am scared! I am blunt, I believe so, but with my stories, I just can't seem to get them out to public! I do want to but the idea that it could be plagiarized is scary. I plan to share my stories here in my blog but yeah, copyright issues could happen and I don't want that. But I want to share them really! I'm split by my own self! UGH! So frustrating!

So, it could either work my way or not but it would be so much comforting if you could tweet me about it or leave a comment if I should continue with putting up my stories here on my blog! It will give me such a confidence boost if you can give me words of ENCOURAGEMENT MISFITS! :')

Soon, I'll find a publisher but before that, I need a portal. So. HELP ME?

That's it for this crappy blog post! I'm sorry about this. I just needed to let it all out. I'll hear from you, yes? Thank you MISFITS! <3

Saturday, January 18, 2014


So, this is a fast blog post! I just met Gayle Forman, author of New York Times Bestselling novels, If I Stay, Where She Went, Just One Day and Just One Year!

She is an amazing author and she inspires me! I'll be posting photos of the event soon, credited to those who I have been with!

The event was held in National Bookstore in Glorietta! :)

Friday, January 17, 2014


So I decided to make a list of books that I would be reading throughout the course of months! Since I also have a GoodReads account, it helps me keep track of what books I actually read. Being the narcissist I really am, I'm sharing the reads I will be reading for the month of January and February!


1. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

  • Got this one for Christmas! So excited to read it! I'm a huge fan of Rainbow and she's so nice when she tweets me back! I'm a bit scared though coz I might find myself guilty with a few things in the book! OH WELL! FANGIRL FEELS WILL BE ACTIVATED! Look forward to a review! I'll be posting one as soon as I finish the book.

Photo Credits to NovelSounds

  • This is one of those books where you never actually expect you'd get for free! And it's MITCH ALBOM! So why would I pass up the chance to read it? And to meet him would be like a total blessing! :') Look forward to a review! I'll be posting one as soon as I finish the book.

Photo Credits to The Straits Times

3. Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho
  • I find it incredibly vexing that I haven't actually read this book yet even though friends from school already waved it in front of my face for so long! Maybe coz I was more on Paulo's other books. But since a friend had a copy she does not read anymore, I stole it and added it on my shelf! HAHA! Nah! She let me borrow it! Bless her soul! Look forward to a review! I'll be posting one as soon as I finish the book.

Photo Credits to I, StoryTeller Blogspot

4. Wicked by Gregory Maguire
  • You know a good story when it's been twisted up from an original! And WICKED pulled it off, being that the characters came from L. Baum's The Wonderful Wizard Oz! For those who don't know, the main character of the story is the antagonist from the original! We are taken to her past and what she endured and why she even became The Wicked Witch of The West! Look forward to a review! I'll be posting one as soon as I finish the book.

Photo Credits to Amazon

Thursday, January 16, 2014

MUSIC POD: January Playlist, TOP 5

WELCOME TO MY MUSIC POD PAGE!!! HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR (though it's been days since that).

This post includes my current favorites for the month of January, but it could also change in the course of time. This may also include old songs that I feel like listening to during the month... Let's get started...

1. NATIVE by OneRepublic (ALBUM)

Mix gospel music, country and most likely, every kind of genre and make an amazing record out of it, you have to be kind of crazy but OneRepublic seems to have pulled it off with their album NATIVE which features songs of living life to the fullest, regrets that you have to forget and the things that we are all taking for granted. Ryan Tedder and his team truly made a wham of an album and I suggest you hear all their songs.  I honestly love I Lived and Something I Need which I have to make my friends listen to.

Here are clips of the songs to listen to so you have an idea about the other tracks:


Guys, if a girl starts singing you this song, even if she's tone deaf, then appreciate her because the lyrics of this Katy Perry song is wicked mad!!! If she sings this to you, she understands you and feels you and loves you for who you are.
Katy Perry brings about a stunning vocal in this song, UNCONDITIONALLY and allows its listener to understand that love is something that you give out with no exchanges whatsover and that to truly love, you must be able to open up your heart.

The music video is a must watch coz Katy Perry is soooo stunning and fantasy-esque regal!!! :')

Listen to a clip from the song here:


I fell in love with this song, literally after hearing it once. NOTE: Whenever listening to the songs, appreciate the lyrics, coz there's always value in them. This song, DEAD SEA, offers its listeners the feeling of uplifting and the value of trust among people in relationships, may it be friendship or love.

Listen to the whole song here. Credits to Ohaiheren's SoundCloud
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