Friday, October 25, 2013

Macarons? Go To CHEZ KARINE

I've always been the girl who'd clamor over sweets over anything. Usually, it'd be the most tiresome thing in the world, but definitely rewarding. I remember that first chocolate I had. It was a CRUNCH bar, and from then on, I knew my life would never be the same again. Of course, my teeth are giving a jolly "HURRAH" YEY, CAVITIES!

So since coming to Manila, and knowing that there are tons of shops to find, especially dessert shops, I knew I had to be first in line. But with the messy schedules and all the sh*t that's been happening to me lately, I decided that going food hopping would be a bit grueling and tedious. So, I put that on hold for now.

But I'd like to do a food find tour nonetheless. I have discovered this bakery on TV when the lifestyle channel, ETC, featured it on their show EtceteraOnETC. Guys, I introduce you to CHEZ KARINE BAKERY.

Photo Credit to FoodieFromTheMetro

Now I know you'd say, I'm not a relevant source, and blah blah blah. But I did say it was a find, rather than a review of each plate of whatever it is they have at the bakery or restaurant, so I think that my post is legit nonetheless. I will be posting photos of going to CHEZ KARINE for real once my sister and I go food hopping soon. For now, let me savor the fast-approaching reality.

This post will also feature photos from real foodies and their reviews. Photos will be credited to the real owners. So, there. Saved from Copyright!

Sorry for the delay. Why don't I get started.

So, CHEZ KARINE is french for "At Karen's Place" and it's owned by Chef Karen Yang, a pastry chef who studied at Le Corden Bleu in France to pursue a degree in making desserts and all the jazz and has worked with top pastry chefs including those of Pierre Hermé, owner of a dessert boutique at Rue Bonaparte. She settled to come here to Manila to open up CHEZ KARINE.

When Bored, I... Do A Simple Slam

I decided to do this little series called "When Bored, I...", which has the same concept as The Angst/Joys of A College Student Going Through... That sort. And since I always find the time to be bored,
why not do something to get rid of that sudden boredom.

So one is this post which I am horrendously typing now. I'm actually gonna do this slambook thing I saw in one of my good friend's blog account.

Check out his blog:

This slam template is available at this website:
There are actually more available, but I was too lazy to scan them, I just went in and went with the obvious. It was laid on the table so, TAKE IT, JAYVEE!

Okie-dokie! Why don't I get started?

Your Name/Petname?- Hmmm. Jenivieve, Jayvee, rarely Jen. Yeah, pretty much just Jayvee

Are u working or Studying or other? -I'm studying as of the moment...

Describe yourself in 3 sentences? -Really? 3? Oh well...-_-
"A frustrated writer, A procrastinator, A wallflower."

There, satisfied?

Dream Boy/Girl?- Hmmmm. Currently, I'm really into Ansel Elgort...

Oh I do, Ansel. I really do! We can get married now! #Fangirl

Describe ur Daily rotin? -The HELL? It's spelled "ROUTINE" whoever made this template. 'Kay, daily routine: Slap myself in the face 3 times so I'd wake up naturally, so my eyes don't droop off sleeping again.

What are some words or phrases you use most? -HAHA. WEH? TEEHEE. LOL.

What are your hobbies? -Reading a mountain of books, listening to indie and rock and roll music. You can toss in pop from time to time. Writing, though it's far more than just a hobby.

Relate much?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

It Was A Grueling Month

Have you noticed that I haven't posted for like a whole month? YIKES! I know, and I'm sorry Misfits. I tried, but how could I even focus writing for my blog when I can hardly focus on the two case studies, a learning system design, a compilation of broadcast scripts (Comm student, remember?), a wicked proposal, visual design requirements, and two major exams from minor subjects. UGH! I wanted to die! 

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