Saturday, September 7, 2013

Artist Interview: Valerie Ann Chua, LISTEN TO THIS QUIET GIRL

I am happy to announce that I have thought of a brilliant idea to do specials like interviews  for my blog, featuring people who I know, may it be in a personal basis or through their crafts and profession.
And for this special, I am ecstatic and filled with joy because I got the opportunity to interview one of my favorite artists in the whole wide world, Ms. Valerie Ann Chua.

For those who know the blog/website Quiet Girl, you may be familiar with her and her work which features her subtle paintings and style. And for those who aren't, you may want to get a dose of this fabulous individual.

All Photos shown in this post are credited to Valerie's Sketchblog and Valerie's Online Gallery

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Letter To My Future Boyfriend (Wherever You Are)

Dear To Whom It May Concern, 

Hi! I know we haven't met each other yet, or we already have. It's just that we never talked or we did, just so happens we don't know each other a lot... I don't know. We might be closer to each other than we think we are. What I'm aware is, to myself, that I'd wait for you...

Anyway, all I want you to know is, I am not gonna be the typical girlfriend. Why you ask? Well, first of all. I'm weird. And I like being one. I tend to do things out of the ordinary, or say things out of context or basically, you might never understand me but please do. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Where Your Real Friends At?

This post is truly dedicated to those a-holes who have made a fool out of me, making me think they are my real friends, legit y'all. But all they are are blood sucking, backstabbing, unbelievable creatures... Here are some examples of situations when your so-called friends are really nothing more than that...


When you think you know everything about your friend, well think again coz at some point they have something against you, something they could never say or they just like making a fool out of you. One moment you are all close to them and second you find out, they've been talking about you behind your backs... FRIEND 101 (which I just basically thought of and could apply to you...) says "NEVER BETRAY A FRIEND..." It applies with keeping secrets or never make them sail the seas alone...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MOVIE REVIEW: EPIC 2013 Save The Forest

If you could ever help save the forest, what exactly would you do? Let's say you turn into, I dunno, a teeny, tiny person, then would it be possible? Well, with lots of faith in magic, fantasy and whimsy, I'll say yes, especially after seeing EPIC (2013). Get yourselves some Leafmen!



It's not like it's my very own signature, but I will put on signatures after every post that I make. T'was inspired by Karla Aguas' blog. Please check it out,  The Simple Joys Series

So here it is, hope it makes me famous!!! LOL!

And I kinda got a cute critter to use! HAHAHA! Imma put it in some of my posts besides the signature! Well, happiness! And yes, I like scrunched up paper! Hope you guys like it!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chain Bliss: Fast Food Playgrounds and Their Amazingness!

Earlier today, my friend and I where strolling around the city, buying meds for her grandma. (Don't worry. They're legal, so.) After examining the medicine and rejecting some of them, we decided to leave the pharmacy and head out to 7-11. She needed to load her iPhone, which I wish I actually had. As we crossed the street, I saw McDonald's and all its fast-food glory and atop on the 2nd floor was this playground where children were playing, with their mommies and daddies panicking over them as they fall off the "longest-slide-they-ever-saw" slide and those colorful balls that in reality, has been infected with 99.99% of germs.

But even with me feeling sorry for those kids getting salmonella or some sort of disease, I wish at some point I felt that way or even remember. As far as I am concerned, I have no memory of me playing in any fast food playgrounds, and I feel sad about it because it kinda makes me feel like I did not ever make any effort to have fun as a kid.

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