Hi!!! I am Jenivieve, or rather known as Jayvee. But you can call me Jen or Vee. I know, I'm making it difficult for you.

I am the person behind Writer For Misfits. I am from the Philippines and started this blog in 2013 but officially became a book blog by April 2014. One of my biggest inspirations for starting a blog was Saab Magalona's Spell Saab and knowing that she's a huge reader herself, I fell in love with her content more and more.

This blog's sole purpose is to be a place where Misfits can feel free to express themselves and relate to my misfit stories and also share my love of books through book reviews, features and anything related to it. This place will also include a lot of personal stuff that I think will be more funny than sad, my favorite music, short stories, TV and movies and some photography. Thank you for visiting my space... I mean, OUR space. Thanks misfit booknerds!

I am 22 years old with dreams of becoming a huge author, columnist or editor at some publishing company someday! I am super quirky and a child at heart. Sometimes my parents tell me I should grow up but Peter Pan never did and look where he is now? Killing Lost Boys.... See? I'm weird. AHAHAHA!

I love to read and write. Those are my two greatest passions that I will take with me till death. Blogging has also become a huge part of me now as a young adult, surfing through the age of new and social media.

I am obsessed with Japanese subbed anime, manga and American TV shows. I really can't say what my favorite show is, same goes with anime. I am also an audiophile. I find pleasure in music and love to listen to indies and Japanese pop rock. I also love to listen to people talk especially if they have a great voice quality.

More than anything, I am also obsessed with watching movies. Movies are my gateways to fantastic, inspirational stories. I grew up with them, the same as with music and TV. I am probably one of the biggest fangirls you'll ever meet on the street although quite frankly I'm a bit of an introvert and queer at some point. I hope that makes sense.

Super obsessed with the Star Wars franchise and even more now!!! And my small crush on Adam Driver turned into something quite intense, I'll probably not go into detail about it. But I promise you, it's not disgusting. More like, an unconditional love that I cannot control.

My precious tol bean. How do I resist thee?

I also love Domhnall Gleeson. I'll watch whatever movie he's in. I ALSO SHIP REYLO HARD! #NoRegrets. The Original Trio, ruled my world. So much Star Wars, I know. :)

I love drummers, like why do I even have a drummer fetish? And I also have an inclination to like guys who are Asian, with small eyes and an adorable face. Sorry, the cover of Clockwork Prince did this.

I use Twitter on a daily basis to keep updated and Tumblr for fun and fan trashiness. I kinda wish I can deactivate my Facebook. But alas, my blog's Facebook page is linked to my "I don't really need you anymore" page.

I am a hoarder of journals and stationary and finally, I adore the smell of fresh, folded laundry. I love them on the smell of perfumes, lotions and scented candles. So if you smell like fresh linen, COME TO MOMMY!

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