Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Book Review: The First Phone Call From Heaven by Mitch Albom (2013)

It's been a while since I've reviewed a book full-scale, I believe. Since I believe I've also been busy with school and reading other books to make sure I get to finish a 100 in a year, I cannot set my priorities straight. But I still, in my right mind *whispers* I believe, that I can review a book even if it's not as intensely long as some of the others I made. I'll probably just go straight to the point.

             (Hopefully, there won't be harsh reactions to any of my reviews... THANK YOU!!!)

Go to GoodReads for synopsis and to order your copies: The First Phone Call From Heaven

The First Phone Call From Heaven by Mitch Albom is one of those books that challenges my mind as well as my faith, in what I believe in, in what's the truth, in the regrets of the past and the wonders of the future you can't necessarily grab.

Photo Credits to ABS-CBN News
(Mitch with his book! Isn't he adorable!)

Mitch Albom has again, delivered a wonderful read that focuses on life's biggest regrets being piled into one and how a single phone call can change anyone's life for better or for worse. The book talks about how we are driven to do things out of the mistakes and doubts. The main character Sully was such a complicated character to analyze at first but when you get to know him, you'll find that he's just a man, a husband and a father. 

MUSIC POD: February Playlist, TOP 5

This post includes my current favorites for the month of February, but it could also change in the course of time. This may also include old songs that I feel like listening to during the month... Let's get started...

1. WHAT YOU WANTED by OneRepublic (SONG)

So, as you all know, I did an album feature of OneRepublic last month, but I seriously love them and would love to feature WHAT YOU WANTED because it's a song that's going to be feature in one of the most anticipated movie adaptations of the year, The Fault In Our Stars.
The song features wonderful lyrics, something you'd always expect with OneRepublic songs. What I loved about it is the intensity of the drums and the play on the synth piano, if I got that right. You can never really go wrong with OneRepublic! <3

Listen to the song here: Take some time to read the comments and see how many book nerds have actually listened to this clip. HAHAHA! Credits to Mohammad Maaz's SoundCloud

Friday, February 7, 2014


(This post is my feelings. Don't try to make it big of an issue. I love my professors. Just in reality, work is.. well, work...)

You might be aware of the program I'm taking up right now, if not, LET ME REPEAT IT AGAIN! I'm taking up Bachelor of Science in Development Communication. And I truly ask of you, not to ask me to define it to you! Just go search it on Google! HAHAHA! SASS!

I now regret taking up too many courses within the program for this semester. We're taking up film class, which requires making a 10-15 min film, Radio and TV class with the documentary, a radio forum, an IBS and School-On-Air, a paper for Strategic Communication, MEDIA INTERNSHIP at a Community Newspaper and a few more requirements for Development Writing class...

One thing I'm thankful for: I didn't take thesis classes. OR ELSE! I'll probably die! I'm not really a multi-tasker. I just believe I am. I have time management issues too. IN OTHER WORDS, I AM A LAZY BUM! HAHAHA!


Hello fellow MISFITS and BOOK NERDS!!! Now is a very special blog post coz I say it is! LOL! This is the very first episode of BOOK NERD SPECIALS. HAHA! Tis will feature authors, characters and we'll either talk about him/ her or anything special! Got it? GOOD!

Anyway, if you've read my previous posts on my THE MISFIT DIARY section or my BOOK NERD section, you'd find that I did a short post on my meet with the author of If I Stay, Where She Went, Just One Day and Just One Year, Gayle Forman! And here's a bit more of the deeds of that day!!!

(Photo Credits to me, Eriele and Ate Jho! Thanks sooo much)

(The venue was sooo cozy)

That was January 18, 2014. The venue was at Glorietta, in Makati! I didn't exactly know how to get to the venue, but I knew how to ride an MRT to Ayala, so at least, I felt that I was safe! 

(Pretty Lil' Mermaid Eriele, my sweet book nerd buddy!)

This girl is the reason why I traveled all the way from home in order to meet Gayle! HAHAHA! We planned this for a long time, and we can't exactly pass it up, can we!? Thanks Eriele!

Gayle then, arrives at the venue! The crowd was soooo loud, I can't even! She was soo responsive and sweet towards her fans. 

She was also very eager to answer questions from fans! Unfortunately, they only allowed 3 people to ask, and I didn't get a chance. I was also very shy and nervous! I wasn't as FANEY (fangirlish) as some of the others, coz I've only read one book! But as she talked on and told her history as a writer for magazines and an author of YA novels, I understood her struggles and how she managed to follow her dreams! And she told us to follow ours! She inspired me from that 1st hour! SHE BECAME ONE OF MY HEROES.

So the signing started after the forum. There was a huge pack of people! And to be honest, t'wasn't exactly fun being #508.. Errrr...

Monday, February 3, 2014

HIM: A Short Story (HER, Part 2)

(So recently I decided to pursue this story in my head. It will be in parts until I think that the story could end or even not end but I feel like it did... I'm sorry! I'm complicated! Anyway, here it is. Please enjoy!)

Photo Credits to Advanced Scribes

The order of things should always be the same. I liked it that way. My movements would be frozen by any changes in how I've always lived. 

I am blind. For 10 years, the world has been dark and cold, shapeless and indefinite...

But the order of things around me has depleted. The daily routine I forever would've lived with, has now been invaded by eyes I felt were looking at me.

You stood by the counter, waiting for the basket of things Anthony (if you would like to know is my chauffeur), carried for me. I felt every your every gaze, somehow piercing towards my skin and the blankness of my eyes.  Did you find me disgusting? Am I an eyesore? 
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