Friday, January 23, 2015

How's Your Reading Pace?

From the time  I was in high school till I have realized that I am a huge, sociopath bum throughout college, the pace of how I was reading has changed. In high school, I get to read a book out of my school library for a day. We were allowed to have it for seven but I insisted on keeping it for only one day and borrowing a new one the next. High school was a fun time for me and reading. We were tight. It allowed me to openly brag about my #SKILL.

Anyway, cut to college, I entered university and yeah you know the whole story, I noticed that I wasn't reading as fast as I would've wanted. I dunno if it was because I got busy or it's just my pace has changed, even if I stare in front of a book for quite some time.

Do you have that feeling that you are reading too fast that you aren't sucking in what you really want to know? Or you read too slow that your missing out on joining your friends discuss a certain book that's newly released? I think these are all my problems. I was beginning to think that I have lost my proficiency and speed when it came to reading. Then I became a book blogger, and the basic thought, when I started receiving e-ARCs or ARCs themselves, that I had to comply and put up a review on either the same day or earlier. But then things started to change when I thought that all I could think about was how will I write this review while reading rather than actually enjoying the book, because I was in such a hurry to actually be able to say something about it.

That's when I decided to pace myself slower-which made me comfortable-and not worry about how I was reading a book, or if it took longer than I anticipated. Sometimes, I'd only read 10 pages out of a book in a day, maybe more. If I'm busy, there's less of my time dedicated to reading. Thank God for short breaks. Sure, there are books that are really good, that you couldn't really put it down and finish fast but then there are books that need a ton of attention and may need more time to comprehend.

I understand the needs of all booknerds to actually challenge themselves into reading a lot of books, because, heck, it's the best feeling in the world to be able to read a ton and enjoy all the stories out there, but in all sense, it is also important to value a story. Getting to work these two situations to work together is not at all impossible. Again, depends on how you pace yourself.

So tell me, how is your reading pace? Tell me in the comments below how you do! It'll be lovely to hear from you!

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