Thursday, March 5, 2015

{BLOG TOUR} The Misfit Interviews: Catherine Doyle

Hello there Misfit Booknerds! For a blog tour, I got to interview the amazing Catherine Doyle, author of Vendetta! Check it out!

What's inspired you to write Vendetta?

  • I’ve always been really interested in movies about the criminal underworld. Some of my favorites are about the mafia: The Godfather, Goodfellas, The Departed, Casino. But, I’m also a die-hard fan of everything Disney, and epic romance in general. I wanted to marry the two ideas in a new way for a teenage audience. I just wasn’t sure how. Then one night as I was trying to fall asleep, an image popped into my head. It was five boys doused in shadow, standing side-by-side in front of an old crumbling mansion. I was looking at them through the eyes of someone else – a girl, who was wondering who they were and where they had come from. They were the exact characters I needed, I realized, and they were ready to tell their story. I started writing Vendetta that night. 

How does it feel to finally see your hard work in print?

It is the strangest, most amazing feeling. It really is a dream come true.

How much of Sophie's character is like/unlike you?

  • Sophie and I share the same sense of humor. I’m quite sarcastic and a little bit of a hopeless romantic, too. Though, she is definitely more na├»ve than I am. She’s not as suspicious, which means she’s slower to recognize the worst in people. She’s also braver than I am. If I saw some of the things she did, there’d be a cloud of dust where I was standing and I’d be in witness protection so fast, my head would be spinning. But she sticks around; she’s loyal and she looks for the good in people. She has a big heart. I like to think I do too, but maybe it’s just a tiny bit smaller than hers ;)

What were the easiest and the hardest parts in writing Vendetta?

  • The easiest part was probably the banter between the characters – especially the sarcastic parts between Luca and Sophie, and the teasing between Millie and Sophie. That light-hearted stuff is always fun to write. The hardest part was a particular scene that happens after the house party at Millie’s house when Sophie finds herself in a particular kind of danger (no spoilers!). It’s a tough subject to deal with, but considering how much it happens in real life, I felt it was important to include it. That scene was probably the most difficult to write.

What should we expect for the next book of Blood for Blood series?

  • High stakes, big surprises, and most importantly, more romance and more bloodshed!

Thank you so much to Catherine for giving her time to answer these questions and for giving such wonderful answers! All the best for Vendetta! Be sure to check it out at your local bookstore or Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

Check out more of Catherine over at her Twitter, Tumblr and Goodreads!
Special thanks to Maricar of Blackplume and Pinoy Book Tours! And thank you Misfit Booknerds!

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