Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Angst of A College Student Going Through...

The Start of The School Year. Yeah, college mongrels! We are back to that particular time when getting a tan and hanging out for bowling is totally out of the picture. Yes! Classes are back. Time to make ourselves suffer by getting good to great grades and making our wonderful parents proud.

But I’m not entirely exultant by the coming ringing of school bells. I feel dejected. The summer, was never my friend. Yeah, I indulged myself in movies. Yeah, I made a fool of myself by singing with a perfume bottle with one hand to consume time. But it’s as if I’ve completely lost a sort of touch by the summer heat. I have become a total shut-in.

I admit to always staying indoors. That is my fault and I completely rest my case but nothing came up while I was waiting for phone calls or great opportunities to go swim or go out of the country.

It’s not that I hate school. The problem is I still don’t feel like going back yet. And whenever I watch Phineas and Ferb on Disney Asia, I would feel more dejected especially coz of that opening theme:

“There’s a 104 days of summer vacation,

and school comes along just to end it.

So the annual problem for our generation,

is finding a good way to spend it. Like maybe…”

The funny thing is, their summer never ends. Try and research the show on Wikipedia and see if they only have a “104” episodes or if school ever did come along to end it. And also, they always have a good time. I mean, they make freakin’ beaches on their backyard. They even have fun only by playing with Perry. So, yeah. I’m very, very jealous of Phineas and Ferb coz they always get the fun. I never had that LIKE MAYBE moment. It never presented itself. It would’ve been highly appreciated, thank you very much. Oh yeah, no, thank you very much. -_-.

I’m probably the only one who has made this kind of assessment over my not-so-fun summer. I wish your summer was fun. So don’t join my pity party. You’re welcome.

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