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Weird, adj. A trait or characteristic of a person who does things in a uniquely odd fashion. It could also be used to describe someone who speaks or does things not ordinary to people in his or her environment. n., weirdo, misfit, dweeb, eccentric 

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Yes folks. I am most certainly a weirdo. Don’t worry. Not in a perverted sort of
way. You can be rest assured I am sane enough to not allow myself to do something so senile but at the same time, let me warn you that I can be quite the perv sometimes, which goes to show how messed up my first statement of defense was.

I speak and act accordingly to what I want and not what others want. In the case of teachers, that’s another story. You could say I have breaches to the security of my own thoughts; spontaneous in layman’s terms. I get the saying, “You’re so weird.” all the time. I’d take it as a compliment actually. I have become immune to trying to fit the norms of the people who have some sort of inhibitions in them.

In all honesty, I was once someone who just wanted to fit in with the crowd be with the cool kids and stand-out. But I guess in my choice of inklings and my odd personality, I stood-out, not in a good way. I had hated being called weird. It was just something I could not accept myself. It was probably because of peer pressure. Yeah, peer pressure’s a B. It’s just that being in high school and having such a peculiar way of being human didn’t quite make a good combo. I barely made friends. It was quite the miracle that I got some. What I’m saying is that I wanted to have lots of friends back then and being weird didn’t actually provide me the grounds to having the majority.

For some strange reason, I came into terms with my oddity. We had a good long talk. She had her side while I had mine. She was quite persistent if I say so myself. In the end, I realized that that is how I was and that being weird is how I can classify myself as a human being and how God planned that I become the weird one in the group.

So yeah, I came to accept the fact that I sometimes blurt out my feelings or my thoughts are way beyond what people normally would hear or believe in. I would end up liking the movie that someone hated or would understand the unconventional. I would be emphatic about what happens towards fictional characters. And of course, add to that me talking to myself in the mirror. A lot.

It’s not so bad to be the different one. It’s exciting actually. I don’t have to pretend to be somebody I’m not and at the same time, I could truly be happy with myself. Do not be discouraged if you’re not like someone you admire or if you not part of the in-crowd. As long as you know you are yourself, there’s no reason to change. Well, that’s if you have some psychological problem. You might want to see a psychiatrist for that or maybe I should…:p

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