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Happy December misfits! I know I haven't been around lately coz of school! I'm sorry! But thank you to all those who still view my posts! ME LOVES YOU!

Anyway, if a few of you know, I celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago, November 27 and I officially turned 20... (OH GOD! I keep reminding myself! WRINKLES! ACK!) But even with the numbers rolling in, I must say that my 20th is one of the most amazing birthdays evaaaah!

So before the actual date of my birthday, I went on Twitter to stalk a few people that I love from AUTHORS, TV personalities, musicians, and of course, one of the best ones yet, RYAN HIGA... *warm and fuzzy feeling seeping through*

So imma insert some print screens of these fantabulous tweets. Please be minded of the tweets I sent them just so that they'd actually reply back... Blackmail inducer right here. LOL!

AUTHORS (These will be included in the BOOK NERD page of the blog) :

This one is from Kiera Cass, author of The Selection Trilogy. Go check that out! I flipped a bit coz of this... She's also a huge One Direction fan! Directioners there who read this, go follow her on Twitter.

Rainbow Rowell is one of my favorites though I haven't actually read all her books. She's just so sweet! I wish you saw the emoticons. But t'was too late. Anyway, those are hearts! :) She also favorites and retweets my tweets. She replies a lot too! You gotta love her! <3
Rainbow Rowell is the author of the New York Times Best Seller books, Attachments, Eleanor and Park and FANGIRL

Jay Asher is a recent favorite though he's been an author for a while now. He's the author of Th1rt3en Reasons Why (which I will review on. This will be updated) as well as The Future of Us with  Carolyn Mackler. He's been an amazing guy to talk to, even though they were short... I look forward to his new book! :)

And of course, the very first person I actually stalked on Twitter for a birthday reply greet! Meet Mr. Neil Gaiman. He's the author of many best sellers such as The Graveyard Book, Anansi Boys, Stardust, Coraline, Good Omens, American Gods and he's most recent success, The Ocean at the End of The Lane, which I'll also review on soon! :)
He's such a fantastic character and he's so funny! Go follow him!

Well, that's it for authors. The next ones that I bombarded with tweets to reply to me are famous TV personalities. :)

Now, Karla Aguas is one of the newest VJ's in a music channel here in the Philippines and she's such a character! She's so funny and witty and her facial expressions, LOVE EEET! She's fun to watch and she's so receptive of her fans, like me! Gotta love her.
Karla Aguas is also a blogger! Go check out her blog

Lauren Young is an amazing actress here in the Philippines and she stars in both movies and television. She's amazingly talented and I love her on her indie films! I just love the rawness her face shows and an innocence too! UGH! SORRY! TOO MUCH FEELS! She's extremely witty and we have the same LORDE obsession!

And here's one personality I am quite obsessed with. She's Kim Jones, half Aussie-half Filipino and she's a host of a lifestyle show here in the Philippines. She's so utterly beautiful and down to earth. She's also very helpful to those in need! And her fashion sense is to die for. She also blogs. Check it out.


And if you guys still ain't aware, I'm a Development Communication student aiming to be a journalist or an author in the future and I have a couple of journalists I adore and love. These two are the ones the replied but are my favorites... :)

Maria Ressa is a famous journalist who has worked for CNN as well as the broadcasting company here in the Philippines, ABS-CBN... She is currently the CEO of RAPPLER, a famous online portal of news from all over the world and focuses on using social media as a form of online journalism. If you've guys noticed, I use Rappler content a lot. That's coz I love them!
Maria Ressa is someone I respect and that's why I went bonkers for this reply! EEEEP!

Francis T.J. Ochoa is a Sports Editor for one of the most famous newspapers here in the Philippines, Philippine Daily Inquirer. I had the privilege to meet him on a seminar and he's one of the most awesome guys you could ever meet! He's also very good in giving advice and encouragement for us future journalists! I DEFINITELY COULD NOT WAIT TO WORK WITH HIM!!!

I'm sure you guys are all aware of my obsession for music... Maybe not coz I haven't really posted on my Music Pod page yet, but here are some of the famous musicians that I follow and have been kind enough to reply to my stalking.

Christian Renia is the main vocalist of punk rock band here in the Philippines, Join The Club. My obsession for the band started recently but the obsession is insane! HAHAHA! They've been so kind to their fans, including mois of course! 

Mr. Jim Paredes is a famous music icon here in the Philippines and is an advocate of so many things including the environment and other social causes! He's just an amazing source of inspiration. He also writes for the local paper as a contributor, which is awesome! I LOVE THIS MAN!

Then there's Armi Millare, who is the main vocalist of one of my favorite bands evaaaah (though never really realized until recently), UPDHARMADOWN. They're an alternative band and it's one of my favorite genres of music. Though rock music makes me fall asleep at night, Armi's voice definitely takes me somewhere amazing. DREAMLAND awaaaay!

Lauren Aquilina is younger than me but she's already a fire-starter being one of the most successful singers in London just next to Tom Odell (who I also love). Her Sinners EP got me thinking about my life and love relationship (which I never had), so Lauren's really an eye-opener and to have her reply, I died...LOL!

And then there's Julz Savard of Save Me Hollywood, a rock band here in the Philippines. I love Julz coz she's sooo hipster and her style is just my type. Also her voice reminds me of Hayley Williams of Paramore... Another thing about Julz is that she's cutely awkward. But she's a rockstar, so...HAHA! Anyway, I just love her, that's it.

Here's a young director who I've been stalking on Twitter for like forever. He has amazing skills with the camera and film Catnip which I haven't really seen yet, has made waves on the film scene that I can't wait to see the film and fangirl over it... Thank you Mr. Kevin Dayrit!

And to my Shadowhunter friends from Australia, I love you all for the greeting! You guys made my day...


And finally, the love of my life, one of the reasons for my laughter... The ever lovable and fast talking Asian on Youtube, Ryan Higa! I just love this guy!!!

I didn't even expect this tweet to happen! I didn't even know if he would reply and here it is! OH GOSH! I screamed with all of my heart, with my Mom almost taking it out of me because I was so noisy! You don't understand Mom! It's "the" RYAN HIGA!!!!

So, that's basically the messages. I mean, there are more, but it would probably take me two days to put it up... HAHA! Just kidding!

And some other things I got for my birthday were a chance to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. *FANGIRL FEELS ACTIVATED* and a visit from my sister and her fiancee with cake and stuff! I'm not really a fan of Black Forest but the cake sure did completed everything.

Sporting a "Katniss" braid after watching the movie! 

As for the film, I will update it here when I post my review up... Look forward to it loves!

I would like to thank all the people who greeted me, family and friends, the authors up to RYAN HIGA whom has showed his love for me... TEEHEE! (OH NO! Hate auras will ensue!) I would also like to thank all the random people on Twitter and Facebook. I've thanked you guys enough, but ALMOST IS NEVER ENOUGH!!! OKAY! PUN! GET IT? NO?

I just wish that next year, that I'm already 21, more possibilities will happen and that on my birthday, Jack Harries of JacksGap will tweet back a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE"... UGH! THE FEELS! IT HURTS! I LOVE HIM TO DEATH! No, seriously. He should.

Again, Thank you to all of you guys. Sorry if it's actually a late post on my blog. I'll make it up to yah! LOL!
I'll post as soon as I can! OH YEAH! HAPPY HOLIDAYS MISFITS!

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