Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"SELFIE" on Your Dictionary

Hi Misfits! Are you aware that the word "SELFIE" has actually been voted "WORD OF THE YEAR" by Oxford Dictionaries this 2013? Well oh well, that's what Google's for, as Caspar Lee would say. I love you Caspar Lee. 

Anyway, a couple of days or maybe a week ago, I stumbled upon a Rappler post on Twitter that the word "SELFIE" is now part of the Oxford Dictionaries Online, not yet on Oxford English Dictionaries (hopefully soon enough).

The word "selfie" means: (Taken from Oxford Dictionaries Online)


Pronunciation: /ˈsɛlfi/

(also selfy)

noun (plural selfies)

a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

The word "selfie" was actually used in 2003 but rooted around the time of 2002. Its use was first heard or seen in an Australian internet forum. See the Oxford Dictionaries Online Blog for further details on the story.
I think they better hurry up with printing out that new Oxford English Dictionary! Now for some, maybe it's a waste of time to even think about this or that it's totally bonkers. But why think that? I mean with the rise of social media, particularly Instagram, it's almost impossible not to be a part of the fandom. Even Obama and the Pope are in on the fun! Selfies are everywhere, wherever you may be from. I am seriously guilty with being rather obsessed with taking a few selfies of myself. Maybe not a few.


Uhm, so as much as I think that you guys will be repulsed, I would at least like to prove a point. LOL! So here are some of my selfies...

I really need a haircut. Maybe a perm or some color... What color would you suggest?

Giving #ootd selfies a try. I did love my look that day...

Yeah, Good Morning! Looks like it

So go ahead and to www.oxforddictionaries.com to actually see more words that were part of the WORD OF THE YEAR contest (I'm not sure if it's actually a contest. HAHAHA!)
And don't forget to snap some selfies while you are at it.

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