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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (2013)

It's a good day! And blogging feels great! And book blogging is wonderful! So, I decided to change the template a bit to make it cleaner looking??? HAHA! But yeah, since I changed some of the things in my blog, maybe my content can follow.... But don't worry...Ol' BOOK NERD is still around, and I'm gonna eat all the books I can find and continuously do reviews for them!

So from the booklist that I did for January and February, here is a review of one of them. I present to you Fangirl.

Misfit's Synopsis

Cath is a girl  who just doesn't know how to fit in like her twin Wren. Both are obsessed with Simon Snow novels but unlike Cath, Wren would like to live her life outside of Simon Snow fan fiction and go out with her new friends in college and enjoy it. Cath on the other hand, is staying in the world of fanfiction, writing about Simon and Baz. Cath learns that college, taking care of her dad, having friends and falling in love, isn't as easy as those in fiction.

(Click here for Good Reads Excerpt)

Misfit's Review:

As a fangirl myself, I felt Cath's sentiments and related to her in a couple of ways. But on the critical side, the character is indeed weak, like some reviewers think. I could feel a bit of her growth in the book but it took so long to develop that some scenes seemed unusually unnecessary...Like Nick...But nevermind him.

I ended up more interested in Levi than the main girl. I did enjoy Cath's flustery moments, her relationship with her family and how she values her fanfiction but I saw so much more potential for the story to grow. I guess, while reviewing for my Good Reads account, I was too giddy that I only minded the goodness in it.

READ: Fangirl (Good Reads Review)

But all in all, the book was a delight. Rainbow Rowell brings a lighthearted novel that will tug your heartstrings. Of course, my lil' fangirl heart would be in love with the characters. Levi for example. LET ME HAVE HIM FOREVER! It was fun reading parts of him teasing, worrying and being such a good guy to Cath. And as for favorite character, it has to be Reagan. I would love to have her as a best friend.

Rainbow is soooo pretty... Can I have her as my best friend?

Rainbow Rowell was able to mesh together characters of different beliefs and personalities and made it work. But of course, I wish it could've been greater.

If you are all for a Young Adult novel full of heart, laughter and fangirlishness, then grab a copy for your Kindle, KOBO, and BOOKSHELF.


For Filipino readers, Fangirl on trade paperback is available on National Book Store for Php425 and on Fully Booked for Php430.

On hardcover, Fangirl is available on NBS for special orders for Php899 and on Fully Booked for Php855.

For international readers, Fangirl is available on Amazon for $10.74 on hardcover,  $7.55 on paperback and $9.99 on KINDLE.

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That's it for this book review. Until next time MISFITS!

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