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THEM: A Short Story (HER, Part 3 FINALE)

(So recently I decided to pursue this story in my head. It will be in parts... THIS IS ITS END... or it depends on what you think. But I will apologize for stalling for so looooong! I always blame school Here it is. LE FINALE...)

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Try as they can, they could not bring themselves to talk to each other. he would only stare, she would only worry. But the strength in their feelings grew each day as he would sit on the counter, punching numbers, constantly thinking of what to say to her and she would stand there growing curious of his features and personality.

On the day when the rain poured, he clutched his umbrella, opened it and headed out of the shop. He ruffled his sleek hair into a mess, pulled down his coat and continued walking through the streets, minding the alleys and the shop owners as they closed down. He was off to cross the street when he was brought to a sudden stop. There, he found her, the woman of his dreams, leaning next to a closed candy shop window, drenched by the rain. He snapped from his daze, hurried to her side and covered her head with the umbrella, took off his coat and wrapped her with it. She was getting all startled then he started to talk.

"Hi, are you okay? It's raining out. You shouldn't be here. Uhhh, you'll catch cold."

He noticed her head look at different directions and then her voice whimpered a bit. "Uhm, Hi. I'm fine."

"But why are you out here? It's dead freezing too. We should get you home. Should I call a cab?" He felt a thorn in his throat as he said this but he worried for her safety rather than his personal agendas. 

But he stopped, and stared at her like he usually does and noticed her shaking. Her wet, blond hair, draped to her shoulders, rain water slowly rushed down her cheeks as they seem to flush a tinge of red. She was so much more beautiful closer, he thought. He wanted to put his hand to her shoulders to keep her steady. He wanted to hold her hand the way her boyfriend usually does to make sure she felt safe. But getting her home was his priority. But he heard her say,

"Don't. Please. I don't want to go home. Take me somewhere else, please?"

She didn't want anything to do with her home. Not now anyway. When she heard one of the maids talking with Anthony, she wondered. She knew he wasn't the type to talk to anyone but her.

"Is she really going to be sent to Italy?", the maid asked, her voiced raised into a queer tone she has never heard before. This time, her heart went numb.

"Yes. Her father had arranged for her to be moved there. They miss her dearly. Her father and mother want her by their side. They wish to live with her. I have yet to inform her about this but I will go to her room in a while." Anthony said, his tone she has never heard of him utter. It was wrapped in sadness.

"But why now? She's gotten used to the life here. She's lively and honestly, quite happy. I can't bare the thought of not seeing her graces and kindness towards me.", the maid continued.

Anthony didn't answer. The maid started to cry.

She didn't want to go. As the maid said, she has grown used to living in the hollow but lively home, with a few people she has known for half her life. And then there was him. Her mind flew to his voice, as he said thank you and come again, and how she'd miss it.  The order of things has now been fully shattered to pieces in no way of being repaired. She can't say no to her parents if they asked for her. She just can't. She was too scared of losing too many things in a matter of seconds.

But she was brave enough to let her heart lead her to him, even for a while. She sneaked out with her walking stick and slowly made her way to the guard's post. 

"Ma'am. You aren't allowed to go out. Where's Anthony?" the guard asked

"Anthony is not feeling well today and I want to make him something to make him feel better. But I need to do some shopping, do you think you can help me?" she said, trying as hard as she could to make an excuse.

"Well, I'm not sure Ma'am. I have strict orders. And it is not safe for you." 

"Do not worry. I have my walking stick and also, I have the shop owner's number. He can give directions to the cab driver. I just need to do the shopping myself. I beg of you. Just call in a cab for me?"

She did not expect the guard to say yes. A few minutes later, her cab was ready. She thanked the guard with all of her heart and headed out giving the directions to the cab driver. Without her knowing, the guard informed Anthony.

She sensed the curves and swivels of the cab and the driver stopped at the directions she gave out. She hurried out and completely forgot her walking stick inside the cab. She tried to shout for the cab to come back but the rain has blocked out her senses. She tried to hear the familiar sounds around the shop but all she can grasp were the sounds of people leaving and closing their stores. The rain grew stronger and she felt completely and utterly alone.

He set aside his umbrella next to the other ones near the deli shop's entrance. There were only a few people in it, enjoying a few slices of cold-cuts and corned beef sandwiches, which was why he enjoyed this shop. He liked the quiet of things where he can think. And he really needed to think right now because his mind could not get over the fact that he was standing next to the woman from the shop and actually held her hand as he led her away from the sharp cold and pitter-patters of the rain. The waitress, whom he knew for quite a while now, gave her a large, blue towel and propped it over her head. The waitress pulled out a pen from her apron's pockets and started to list down orders. A few minutes later she came back with two hot bowls of chicken soup.

"Here sweet cheeks," the waitress said as she set the bowl down on her side of the table, "or you'll catch cold. Eat your soup and warm yourself up, okay?" Without looking at the waitress, she made a slight nod and stared blankly at something he couldn't make out. Was there a painting behind him or something?

She did not touch the soup. The bowl will soon get cold to the touch. He wanted to grab a spoon, scoop a few pieces of vegetables and chicken and feed her. But now, her eyes were staring at him, filled with an unknown void that left some sort of ache in his stomach. He wondered why.

"Hi, uhm. You should eat your soup. It's getting cold." he said to her. She snapped from her daze and her head jerked to different directions and then to him.

"I'm sorry. I can't"

"You can't? OH! Are you allergic to chicken? I should've asked! Excuse me!" he said, shouting over the counter.

"Chicken?" she murmured. "NO! I'm not allergic to chicken! You shouldn't bother! Please Sir." She realized how loud her voice was and completely went red to the ears. She did not expect that she'd be talking to him about chicken. He did not expect that he'd make an embarrassment of himself. There was a moment of silence.

"You should still eat the soup. It's very good!" he said

She hesitated to grab a spoon. She did not want to make a fool out of herself for fumbling over a spoon! She put her head down and slowly ran her fingers through the rough, wooden table and edged up the spoon near her chest. But she soon realized how hard it will be for her to feed herself when she was being watched. Especially by the man she likes. She put down her cutlery and proceeded to her daze again. "I'm not hungry. I'm sorry." She felt tears fall down her cheeks.

He did not know how to appease her. He wanted to ask her what was wrong but he'd sound obnoxious.

She started to fiddle with her fingers and wiped her tears; spoke "Thank you for today."

He wasn't sure what to say to her. He was debating whether to blurt out his feelings or just sit there, stare at her and lose himself completely.  He was going to say something when she asked, "Where is this? What is the name of this place?" He was awoken from his daze, hesitant to answer for unknown reasons but still answered "Clay's"

"Thank you" she said and slipped her hands over to her pockets. She pulled out a pink flip-phone, pressed a number and waited for a few seconds.

"Hello Anthony...Yes, I'm alright... Yes. Please do pick me up... No, I'm fine, really.... No I don't need it... I'm at Clay's Deli.... I insist.... Just, just pick me up, please?" She hang up.

It was her boyfriend, he thought. He grabbed a napkin and  he wanted to choke himself. What were his chances? He's just a guy working as a clerk on weekdays. And he is now making a fool out of himself in front of the girl he's been dying to have this conversation and he blows it up. I'm so awesome, he thought to him sarcastically

"What was that?" she asked

Oh my God, he screamed to himself.. He was talking out loud. He blew it again. There weren't enough pieces to be blown up now. He's melting from shame.

"I... I was... Well, just blurting out to myself. D-don't worry about it."

"Oh. Okay." she answered. Moments of silence dawned upon them again.

He tapped the wooden table. He did not know what to say or do. In a few minutes, he might lose her and not get a chance to talk to her again.  He spoke.

"I'm sorry...I seem to be weirding you out."

"NO! Not at all. It's fine" she answered "It's fine" she smoothed out a napkin, her head down.

He noticed how long her eyelashes were and how her cheekbones contoured her face. Her hair was like silk, strands lost on her face. Her lips were pale but full. She has become so beautiful in his eyes, sitting next to her this close was like a miracle.

"So what are you like?" she started, her head still down

He was a bit startled. He couldn't help but stutter "E-excuse m-me?"

She gave out a meek laugh. His heart fluttered. She felt herself go red. "What I mean is, what do you like to do, what are your interests?"

He fumbled for words. The dictionary wasn't enough to help him not quiver from fear of what he'll say and what she'll say.

"Uhm... I, uhm. I like to read, paint and eat and uhm... Wait, oh! collect stamps! I have weird interests, I'm sorry."

"No. I... You have very nice interests. I wish I can paint, I mean, colors. How they feel. I miss reading novels."

He felt encouraged to talk now. She was giving him a chance to open up to her.

"Well, if you like, uhm, I, I could always teach you how to paint. And if you want, I have tons of books at my apartment for you to read. Oh goodness. I'm getting to excited. I'm sorry again."

She felt her heart race a few beats and her blood rush to her veins. But then her stomach dropped to the pits of darkness. She was in a tight spot. She wanted oh so badly to say yes but knew in her mind that no was the end of it.

She held out her hand out of nowhere "Your face, I want to hold it"

He felt himself die of happiness. He wasn't sure if he's gonna lean in to her hands, which were outstretched. The door chimed and Anthony reached the table and put his hands on her shoulder.

She cringed and her hands fell to her lap. He cleared his throat and put his head down. Looking at her boyfriend was the last thing he would do. He felt himself shrivel down to a seed.

"Let's go." Anthony said

"Okay." She nodded. Her legs were quivering and her tears were already letting itself loose from the cage of her eyes. "Goodbye. See you." She knew from the bottom of her heart, her mind, she may not see him ever again. She may not get to tell him how much she loves him. He may never know how she feels.

He hoped for the next day, when he can actually say good morning to her without worrying what she'd think. The thought excited him. Anthony let her out and into a car. He waved goodbye. She didn't notice. He thought she might've just missed it.

He waited, everyday. She cried everyday and knew she'd never meet or talk to him again. He waited, everyday and everyday  he wished he could convey his feelings.

BOOOYEAH! Soooo, that's how the story ends. I don't know if it's tragic enough or if I should've changed the scene more or if it wasn't sooo saddy-sap-sap. But yeah, this is how the story came to me, so I guess, I could live with this. :)
 I'm soooo sorry for not updating any sooner than I hoped. I think I was 2 weeks delayed but school got in the way and the internet connection was a B, so... I may not update the Story Board page for a while, so bear with me... Anyway, if you like how the story ended or you have any suggestions with stories, then please tweet me or leave a comment! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING MISFITS! FOREVER AND ALWAYS! <3

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