Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Bucket List (A Short Story)

So, it has been quite sometime since I last posted a short story. I have been writing, but somehow I find myself not confident enough to share some of my stories. But since I miss seeing what you think of the stories, I suppose that I can do with this one.

Her name was Lucy. She lived in the hospital I believe, or I just so happen to see her there, in Room 614 every day when I pass by. You see, my friend Clyde had an accident and had to go on surgery because his back got all deformed. I’m not really sure about it all, but yeah, Clyde didn’t like being alone in the hospital. His girl, Lois, broke up with him after the accident... Damn, that must’ve hurt, with the surgery and all. Anyway, he needed a friend, and being an awesome friend I am, I volunteered my ass off to help him recover at the hospital. 

It’s been almost a week since I gave away my freedom to entertain Clyde while he talked about Lois and how great she was at making cookies and laughing. I got sick of Clyde, so one day, I decided to stroll around the halls of the hospital. There wasn’t much, you know, “fun” stuff. It was like, I can’t touch anything or I’d break them. I sat at one of the staircases, just to relax, when I heard hurrying feet. A group of nurses, went on running to Room 614. That was the first time I saw Lucy.

Lucy was suffering from a chronic disorder. It had something to do with the heart. One thing was for sure. Lucy was not okay when I followed the group of nurses to her room. I’m not really an eavesdropper but the way the nurses flocked around to that one room, it made me cringe a bit. They all entered the room, and I was left alone by the door. I could’ve just left and went back to listening to Clyde about her seriously dysfunctional ex-girlfriend, but I stayed and it was a long stay. I went down by the fire exit for a while to sneak in a smoke and went back up. I noticed a few other nurses going out of the room. I danced my way to the door and I think I might have died a few seconds that day. I saw a timid girl, about 5 feet, strapped with those wiry apparatus things, her small face breathing into an oxygen mask and her eyes fluttering every 0000.1 second. I fell in love with Lucy at that moment, but I guess it never occurred to me to really admit it. 

I went back to Clyde who seemed fine as heck and I stared at the mirror for a good minute. Was that all a dream? It couldn’t be. I needed to go back, was all I thought. The next day, when I went back to hospital, I sneaked my way to the halls to Room 614. There wasn’t much going on around the Nurses’ Station, so I saw an immediate opportunity to maybe make a secret surprise attack and make her fall in love with my charms kind of plan. But boy, did it backfire.

Lucy was sitting down, her hair down to her neck, a few fringes falling to her eyes and her lips mouthing out words I don’t think I know of. In front of her was one posh laptop and a few stacks of thick cut paper rolled out into what I believed was some sort of thesis proposal. She didn’t notice me step a few inches by her doorstep but when she heard my sneakers squeak, she jolted her head to my side of the room and stared at me, wide-eyed. Yeah, I dunno if she fell for my charm that day, but I did make a fool of myself.

The following days went by and I was starting to grow fond of stopping by at Room 614. Lucy would be there, typing in things on her laptop while I say all the crazy stuff I could think about just to let her loosen up a bit. Lucy wasn’t the talkative type, but when she does talk, she goes all full throttle and talks about all the stuff she wants to do.

“Here!”. She hands me a long sheet of paper

“What’s this?” I stare at her, her face full of wonder. “Just look at it.” she said.

I remove the folds, and letters curled into beautiful handwriting reflects on my eyes. She has beautiful penmanship. I stared at the letters as they form letters, sentences. It was a list. I shook my head slowly, then looked her in the eyes, hers the shade of green, pierced with happiness. NO! What she wrote was her eulogy. She wrote her last. She wrote her bucket list.

“Well? Do you like it? I put stuff that, of course, I haven’t done, but before I go I’d really like to say, that I was proud of myself for doing something such as jump off a cliff or eat a chili corn dog.”

I glanced back at the list, somehow disgusted, “You haven’t had a chili corn dog?!”, was all I can think of saying.

“Yeah... Well, I wasn’t really big on the calories before. BUT NOW! I’d like to try out stuff like that! And maybe, maybe chili corn dogs are delicious and I’ve been missing out on it for a long time!” she started laughing heartily.

Yes, chili corn dogs were pretty good. And full of fat! Yeah, someone who has a congenital heart problem shouldn’t really be dreaming of eating a corn dog. But she looked so happy, bursting her bubble might kill her. But then again, she might know what to expect. Maybe she wants to die already. To die by doing something she’s always wanted to do.

The few days followed. Lucy was a ball of fire! She went through her list and carried on with stuff like, ride a unicycle, paint on walls, eat half a cheeseburger with a side of sauerkraut. She honestly wanted to eat the whole burger, but then she was on full on meds that day. She asked me if I could sneak in some roller skates. I told her no but I came back to the room with a pair of skates. Unfortunately, Lucy got an attack and needed a short quarantine. While I waited for Lucy to get better, to at least do her crazy bucket list, Clyde’s time at the hospital was coming to a close and that also means, I have no reason to go back. Well, I could always come and drop by to do her crazy bucket list with her, but then I felt a huge sting in my heart. If I stay, I’ll see her completely crumble. Yeah, she’ll think she’s happy, but she’s making every single human being around her suffer. I was one of those human beings. I was a human being who wished that I could wrap her heart around mine, and give it enough beats to last a while, to at least be with me.

I decided not to go back the next couple of days since I was deliberating whether I should actually continue seeing Lucy or not. I came on the door of Room 614, and I heard loud banging. I was worried. I rushed and pushed the door open and I saw Lucy with an electric guitar on one hand and a drumstick on the other. She started laughing.

“Hey Francis! What took you so long!? I have missed you!” she ran to me, almost flipping. She dropped the guitar on the floor, cupped her hands to my face and kissed me so unexpectedly. Any man would love the idea of a beautiful girl giving you a smooch, but I felt my nerves dying inside. She wasn’t like this at all. She’s lost and she can’t find a way out.

I stayed with Lucy till the day finished and talked to her as much as I could.

“I asked a friend of mine to send her younger brother’s band’s equipment to me. I use it against the nurses or doctors who come near me. They sometimes tie me down for me to calm”, her eyes stared at the floor, “and I was thinking maybe they want me to breathe a few more breaths. But I’m so tired, Francis. I just want to get it over with.” She squeezed my hand tight. I pressed myself to her in a warm embrace. I wanted badly to kiss her and tell her everything will be alright. But I knew it wouldn’t be like that.

Three days passed and Lucy died. They said that she died with a smile on her face and few tears. I wasn’t there to hear her last words for me, or whether she’ll remember me in the next life. They gave me a few of Lucy’s belongings, including the long list of things to do. Most of them where lined with red ink. But there was this one that was crossed out with flower stickers... “To kiss the man who has never let go”.

I went home crying. People thought I was crazy, screaming out Lucy’s name out of the blue, and telling her she sucks for letting herself go and not giving me the chance to say I love her. I felt guilty and cold. I went to bed, wrapping my arms around myself, thinking of hugging Lucy for the last time.

So yeah. I hope you like it. If you something to say, then please, don't hesitate to comment! :) Thanks Misfit Booknerds!

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