Saturday, February 28, 2015

Stereotypes in Books That You Are Probably Tired Of

Lately, I have been enjoying doing features on my blog, that I somehow couldn't stop. LOL. But then at the same time, it's also kinda hard thinking up of good content or a topic interesting enough to feature. And suddenly, while singing in the shower, I thought of the most stereotypical post I could post I could ever do. I think it was the soapsuds' fault. Anyway, I thought of talking about stereotypes in books you've probably been reading and are probably tired of... well hopefully not but just you know, maybe.

1. The girl or guy who has lost interest in the world's crap

These are the girls or guys who wish to either not exist, jump off a building or go to an entirely different universe because the world has become an intoxicating place to live in with all the bullying and whatnot. While we do cry and relate to a lot of the times, you sometimes wish that you'd get to read about cheery girls next because it's not that you are getting bored. You are just getting tired of crying.

2. Dense characters

Okay, these apply to characters both male and female. You know that moment where you read a book and you wanna slam it into outer space because the guy doesn't get the girl's crush and vice versa? Like, it's not like I want you to make out! It's just that, please, for the love of all things good in books, GET THE POINT ALREADY! You are almost at the end of the book and you are thinking, "Thank the gods I survived that." Yeah, some cluelessness is good at first, but if it gets repetitive, you kinda want to just shove it aside.

3. Love interests who are not so "love" worthy after all

Reading through a book can be a chore if you just can't see the protagonist with the one he/she is set out to love till the end of time. Sometimes you wish that they'll fall in love with love interest's best friend or wish someone new comes a long. Either the love interest is a B or just plain ol' not interesting at all. I've got to read stories like these and it either made me squirmish or sad for the lead.

4. Characters who just don't care about your feelings

There are characters in books who feel very dominating towards the others and if shown concern would let it slide away. Dun dun dun. You either die. Bye!

5. Instalove

Love at first sight could be a real thing, but please, there are so many ways to actually fall in love with a person with some reason. At the same time, it isn't so fun to read a romance novel and get the good, heart pounding parts at the very end of the book. A good build up, with all the heart fluttering included distributed properly in a book, doesn't just suggest love on an instance.


There's no forever, unless you were married, then became vampires and could miss every single attempt to get you murdered, then I'm happy for you guys. But characters who sometimes could not live without the other character is cute and adorable to read but sometimes awfully taxing.

7. The girl always gets the GUYS

The book may seem interesting enough and has a good plot, but then you are introduced to really, really good looking guys and they are vying for just one girl. HALLELUJAH! And if they have powers, they power up the little squirmish. Anyway, as much as we fangirl over the books and the boys, you can't help but be jealous of the girl.

8. Finding yourself

Every great book is coupled with an amazing story and characters who try to find themselves, better or worse, in the process. Believe me, this doesn't get any annoying at all. I actually enjoy novels that marvel at the unveiling of a new personality, however, it could take some time and if several books in your TBR have the same situation going on, your in for one hell of a ride... I mean rides.

Anyway, they are strictly based on my observation. Honestly, they are not meant to insult literary geniuses of their stories or characters. Sometimes, you just get bored with a character and wish to find a new one, expecting a gem but actually getting the same one. Hopefully, something extraordinarily new, even for contemporary romances, would come along.

Thanks for reading this misfit booknerds! If you have any stereotypes that you are tired of whether you are annoyed by them or they've hurt you in any way, leave a comment below and we could probably discuss it! Ciao!

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