Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Yellowing Pages: YAY or NAY?

I did some spring cleaning the other day! YAY! OMG! I'm so proud of myself! I actually did some cleaning! HAHA! 

Well, it did take my Dad to give me a lecture on  how I haven't cleaned my room in daaays. Yeah. My Dad is a bit of a neat freak. Well, so am I, I guess.

Anyway, okay, let's get back to what I was talking about! I was cleaning my room and decided to clear out my "bookshelves" to clean off the dust from the surface and also to wipe my books since I hate covering them in plastic. But then I noticed something. The pages of some of my books, particularly those I got from 2013- which is when I really started collecting- started to have yellowing pages.

I inspected all of my books and found that there were only a few of them, but I dunno how I felt about having yellowing pages. I love the smell of old books and old paper and seeing yellowing pages from libraries, blah, blah, blah, make me feel good inside, but with my books, it was mixed with worry, like, will my books wither? It wasn't like I was too afraid that they were turning yellow, I was afraid that they'd fall apart. But as for yellowing pages, I'm fine with them.

I know some people who don't really like yellowing pages and would put their books on glass protected shelves and doing stuff I don't exactly know specifically about, to keep their books "spotless". I honestly don't think it's possible to keep them white or away from the marks of aging but according to this post by MyLittleChateau, there are a few steps in which you can protect your books, if you are so OC about.

But old or new, books are still to be treasured and loved. We just have our ways! So, how do you keep your books from getting that yellowish tinge? Or do you prefer them getting old? Leave your thoughts on the comments so we can talk about it! Thanks Misfit booknerds!

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