Sunday, June 28, 2015

Crushing on Authors

I've been told as a kid that having a crush on someone is completely normal and should not be deemed weird or out of this world. You can have as many crushes as you like, my Mom said.

To be honest, I've never been vocal about my crushes, unless they were animated characters or people from the telly who I may never even meet IRL. I'm also quite vocal about my crushes over at social media.. well, unless it's not awkward and stuff. What am I even saying? Jayvee, you're such a dork.

And for me, it's the same with saying that I have a crush on a particular author.  Yeah, I know I can be vague on Twitter, like: "OMG, AUTHOR CRUSH JUST REPLIED TO MY TWEET. DIES FOREVER.". But to actually say his name out loud is a little difficult.

It's also a little weird coz they probably have girlfriends or boyfriends, wives or are not interested in a relationship, let alone be interested in me. HAHAHAHA. HA HA HA. *hides under bed*

Here's how I do my crushing. Please do note that I am not an insane person. I promise.

1. Stalk them constantly on Twitter

Knowing what they talk about, who they interact with and what their interests are, would definitely be one reason to keep your crush aflame. Additional points for you if you interact with them and they actually fave your tweets. Intense fangirling might ensue once they reply back. 

2. Talk about their book/s... A LOT.

One way to attract your author crush's attention is by talking about their books to your followers, may it be on Twitter, or your blog, Facebook or anywhere. Recommend them to your friends, buy endless amounts of their books till you end up with a shrine. Oh wait. That's a bit too much. Oh well, depends on how you put it. *flashes innocent smile*

3. Always be there to support them

Whatever they do, whatever they put out, be the first to notice, and be the first to love them for it. I'm sure that they will appreciate it 100% *swoons*

Now I know that these coping mechanisms can be a bit deadly too coz, well, just the stalker part is a bit disturbing. HAHAHA! But do know that I respect these authors. I don't harass them and I hope that if you have any author crushes, don't make them feel uncomfortable and respect their privacy, Set some boundaries, at least. And don't be a homewrecker...just in case your crush grows to a very intense attraction :) I'll be here for you in case that happens.

If you're okay with sharing them, who are your author crushes? Have you told them you had a crush on them or have you tried forgetting about it? Let's talk about it. Leave your answers on the comments and let's fangirl and potentially cry.

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