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Mark Your Calendars: #ZhangAndPortesInPH + Updates on Signing Tips

What is National Book Store doing to my contemporary loving heart!??? This coming July, they are bringing New York Times Bestselling authors' Amy Zhang (Falling Into Place, This Is Where The World Ends) and Andrea Portes. (Anatomy of A Misfit, The Fall of Butterflies)

If you've been a huge fan of the blog or have at least tried to bear with me through the years of blogging, you might've encountered my review of Amy Zhang's heartbreaking novel, Falling Into Place. The book sent my soul someplace for a while...then I read All The Bright Places a month after and then both of them double murdered my existence in this planet.

So here are the details of the upcoming book signing:

When and where are the book signings?
July 2, 2016, 1:00 p.m., at the Northwing Atrium, SM City Cebu
July 3, 2016, 2:00 p.m., at the Grand Atrium, Shangri-la Plaza Mall

Is there a registration fee?
No. There is no registration fee.

When will the registration be?
Registration opens at 10:00 a.m. on July 2 at the Northwing Atrium, SM City Cebu, and 10:00 a.m. on July 3 at the Grand Atrium, Shangri-la Plaza Mall. Each guest will be asked to fill out the registration form upon arrival. First come, first served.

A guest can register only once and will be given the following:
• Numbered Signing Pass
• Stamp mark on the hand to indicate your registration

Guests must present their book to get a numbered Signing Pass. The book must have either of the following as proof of purchase: Price Tag or Official Receipt from National Book Store, National Book Store Express or Powerbooks.

How many books can I have signed?
Each guest is allowed to have the following signed:
• Falling into Place – one (1) copy only
• This is Where the World Ends – one (1) copy only
• Anatomy of a Misfit – one (1) copy only
• The Fall of Butterflies – one (1) copy only

One personalized for each author and the rest are signatures only.

Is there a limit as to how many people can have their books signed?
NBS will take every effort to get as many books signed as possible. However, should there be an excessive number of guests, NBS reserves the right to limit the number of copies per guest or limit the number of guests in line.

Can I bring old books or other editions of the books?

Yes, as long as the books were purchased from National Book Store, National Book Store Express or Powerbooks. The books must have either the price tag or official receipt.

Do I need to buy on-site?
No. You can buy books before or during the event.

Can I have other items signed?
No. Only books will be allowed to be signed by the author. Other merchandise like t-shirts, posters, journals etc. will not be allowed to be signed.

Can we have our photo taken with the author?
Yes. There will be an official photographer from NBS who will take your photo with the author. However, we strictly allow only one photo per person.

How much are the books?
Amy Zhang titles:
Falling Into Place (Trade Paperback – P359)
Falling Into Place (Hardcover – P649)
This is Where the World Ends (Trade Paperback – P359

For more details and updates, check out

So remember when I posted a tips section on my last MYC post? Yeah? That one. As much as it probably helped you, lining up and getting there early is as difficult as actually arriving late into the event. I somehow confirmed that. This time, the signing is in Shangri-la, which means that you're not allowed to camp out, even if you badly want to. My friends who went to the Kiera Cass signing in Shangri-la before said that they weren't allowed to line up, so I have a feeling that this is going to be the case also.

So here are a few tips that I can give you for this one:

1. Make sure to stay updated

There may be plans to camp out nearer the area. So if you have friends that will camp out or at least stay around the premises, stay updated. Be a part of a group on Facebook or if you have bookish friends who go to signings most of the time, try to ask them if there are any updates on the line. Check your social media accounts, SMS each other, the works. 

2. Increase your tolerance and patience levels

Signings can be quite the battlefield. Seriously. Pre-signing would mean you have to take in the intense heat sometimes or the loudness of the crowd waiting to be hauled up inside the mall. There's also the security personnel who might get in your nerves but just take a deep breath and forget all about it.

3. Before getting in the line, buy your food already

There are chances that people might think that you're trying to sneak into the line, especially if you're alone. While there might be someone who can watch your stuff for you, you still might get a bit of people looking at you funny after you decided to get breakfast for you and your friend. Just a tip for next time.

4. Have fun

Going to signings is not a sport. It's supposed to be fun. And while I myself have a hard time with this particular tip myself, it's important to remember that you went to the signing to have fun and not to feel incredibly pissed off. I just hope that issues about the signings get fixed and all of us won't have to worry anymore. 

So everyone, I do look forward to seeing your lovely faces this July 3rd. Please do say HI if you're a reader of my blog or if you just know from Twitter or Facebook. I'd love to say hi and get acquainted. 

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