Monday, May 23, 2016

Mark Your Calendars: #JenniferNivenInPH + Tips For Your First Signing

I feel like I've been waiting a whole year to say this but SWEET BABY JESUS, FINALLY! JENNIFER NIVEN IS COMING TO THE PHILIPPINES!!! That's right! One of my favorite authors is coming to both Cebu and Manila to do a signing tour for All The Bright Places! Isn't that neat? NEAT!?? MORE LIKE IM DYING! *faints*

1. Each guest is allowed one (1) copy of All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven to be signed.
2. Only books purchased in National book Store, National Book Store Express and Powerbooks will be accommodated.
3. Registration starts at 10 AM for both events.
4. Visit for the complete set of mechanics.

Tips for first time goers:
1. Prepare your book. Try to keep the proof of purchase or at least the price tag that you purchased it in NBS. They check it.

2. If you want to leave the signing early, then get into the venue early coz there are people camping out the day before. Depending on the volume of people going, it's good to at least be a few hours early before the registration so you can make that LRT/MRT ride.

3. If you're not familiar with the way, researching on Google is quite helpful, talking from experience. If you have a friend who is used to the way around, ask them to take you around, if it's not too much a hassle.

4. Though the venue has air conditioning, dress comfortably, especially in this heat. If you're travelling, it's convenient to have a change of clothes or a shirt.

5. Don't try to squeeze yourself into the line ahead of others, especially those that camp out. It's rude and unethical, coz seriously. National Book Store will most likely prepare a list so you can write your name in it etc. but it's not the official registration form.

6. If you do decide to camp out, bring food, extra clothing, water. LOTS OF WATER and make friends while you're at it. They don't bite.

7. Bring a friend along. That helps or if you know someone in the crowd, after registering, have a little chat with them or get to know their friends and talk about All The Bright Places  and all of your feels.

8. Try to be calm and patient. Signings can be quite taxing. That's talking from experience, that's why it helps to have friends while you're there so you can have a grand time.

Now, while I do feel that it's fair to just have All The Bright Places signed, I kinda wished that because Jen is coming here, her other books would be supplied in my local bookstores and that we'd get to have it signed too. BUT I AM TOO HAPPY AND TOO GIDDY AND CAN'T CONTROL MY FEELINGS. I'M FLIPPED OUT!!!! I CAN'T EVEN THINK STRAIGHT! See you, May 29th! *readies oxygen tanks and blood bags*

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