Saturday, May 25, 2013

To Play Doctor Again

If you guys aren’t fully aware, I was actually a nursing student even before I ended up taking a communication course (which I’m guessing you’re not fully aware of either). It was over a year and a half or so of white clothes, an exception of gray during the half year, bun hairs and clean cuts.

Probably the reason why I ended up anything around the field of medicine was because of influence. Anyone is surrounded by influence, both good and bad. I ended up with the good kind being that my aunts are nurses and that I owe my life to nurses and of course doctors. Let’s just say, I felt like I needed to give back.

Dedicated to the field till my field of vision tilted to other possibilities, I learned the ups and downs of how to take care of people. Well, not to the extent of having to read med books. It was more like playing Doogie Howser towards my brothers and cousins.

Anyway, things changed and now like I said, I’m a communication student, happily taking the course and making use of the vast possibilities ahead of me. Using my over imaginative mind, I headed forward.

But recently, I had to play doctor again, reminded by my roots. My brother ended up in the hospital coz of gastro arthritis. He had to stay at the hospital for three days. It was antagonizing for my father since my brother had to be confined on his very birthday nad of course he hated seeing all of us in the hospital, let alone get sick. To put it in basic terms, he thinks about how much it’ll cost him. Typical Dad. (PEACE ^_^\/)

So I was saying, my brother was sick and now, he’s back home, scrawny and pretty pathetic. That’s what you get for eating too much! Glutton. Not that I’m saying that I hate my brother, just that any sister would be worried and mad at the same time, right? Or is that just me. Anyway, Mom told me to be a doll ( which I’m not) and take care of my brother and give him his medicines on the right time. Great -_-... As the eldest and the only girl out of all the children my parents have, I should be responsible and do the task given out. I mostly had no choice.

It felt nostalgic to read prescriptions again. I dunno. It’s not like I had this experience before at school, but it reminded me of the times when I played with old stethoscopes and looked at prescriptions of my own medicines before. As usual, doctors are sadists. Even with their handwriting. Do the seriously think that every person would understand their scribbly writing? It’s a miracle pharmacist could even decipher the things.

It’s fun. I guess. Having to wait every two hours for every tab of meds to give my brother to drink. It somehow jolted a sensation in my heart, not bitterness or a pang, but some sort of longing. If I’m being honest with myself, I miss the short amount of time I offered to the field of studying nursing. But at the same time, I have no regrets. It was fun while it lasted.

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