Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MOVIE REVIEW: EPIC 2013 Save The Forest

If you could ever help save the forest, what exactly would you do? Let's say you turn into, I dunno, a teeny, tiny person, then would it be possible? Well, with lots of faith in magic, fantasy and whimsy, I'll say yes, especially after seeing EPIC (2013). Get yourselves some Leafmen!


EPIC tells the story of MK (Mary Katherine) who goes to see her father, Bomba, for vacation. Her father, is obsessed with the thought of small people living in the forest and has put in his entire life in his study, jeopardizing his relationship with his family. This causes tension between MK and Bomba, still having constant misunderstandings with each other.

On the other side, the forest is protected by Leafmen, human-like creatures but small in size and are pretty agile, using birds as a form of transportation and fights against Boggans, creatures of the dark, led by Mandrake who wishes to kill the forest and rule over. As the Queen of the Forest decides to find a new heir to the throne with the help a new bud, she gets killed by Mandrake's son in a battle. It is now up to MK, who was shrunk to Leafmen-size after finding the dying Queen and the pod, to save the forest. With the help of Leafmen chief, Ronin and brash leafman Nod, they journey through the forest in order to bring the new heir to safety and also for MK to go back to normal and reconcile with her father...


While the film does raise awareness for us to take care of our environment, it still harnesses the power of fun, laughter and lightness found in so many Disney films. The film boasts of casts from Amanda Seyfried, Josh Hutcherson, Collin Farrell and Beyonce, whom was my personal favorite in the film. Though her character, the Queen had only a few instances of screen time, her presence was continuously kept within the film.

From the makers of the hit film Tangled, EPIC also boasts terrific CGI, wonderful, vibrant colors and a humor reminiscent of the latter film. But with this, EPIC somehow lacks a fast-paced style I love in animated films. One more thing I would like to point out is the romance I expected from the film. 

It's the staaart of something NEW!!! Anlakas lang maka HSM

I definitely love the LOVE forced in the film, although you could say that it was waaay too forced since the span of the film was like a "DAY" and Nod and MK falling in love with each other so fast was somehow too unbelievable. It seems believable enough with Prince and Princesses. It's animated, so who cares? (I do though...) Besides, it somehow works...

Definitely waited for this MOMENT! FANGIRL SCREAMED!

The sad thing is, it was somehow epically tragic. Though they did save the forest, a more kid-friendly ending happened. The cute, flowery girl became the new Queen, that snail became an official Leafman and everyone parties. However, Nod and MK cannot realize their relationship anymore, since MK returns back to normal and everything is like, all's well that end's well. Well, I'm not very happy at all!


ALTERNATE ENDING #1.) Nod, MK and Ronin help save the forest. The new queen is chosen. (I'll keep the current queen since she's so adorbs!) But instead of MK returning back to normal alone, Nod becomes big too and lives happily ever after with MK and friends. 

ALTERNATE ENDING #2.) MK saves the forest, and the bud chooses her to be the new queen. Then she makes Bomba small too, so he could live with the people he has been studying all this while. MK then gets to be with Nod and continuously help save the forest...

Well, those are most of the basic endings I can think of, but anyway, I'm fine with what happened with the ending! How I just hoped it could've been different. We never know, maybe Disney will make a sequel and for sure, I'll look forward to that and see if any of my endings get a chance in the spotlight! 


3.5/5 (May I forever save the forest! CHOS)

Thanks for reading my review! THANKS GUYS!

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