Friday, November 14, 2014

Love At Bookstores?

Serendipity. Fate. It's all too mainstream. In young adult books, it caters to these factors in love and we can't help but think that one day we'd actually find a person meant for us in the most unusual of moments or through a shared connection.

Almost a month ago, I was actually inside a bookstore and I saw the first batches of Marie Lu's The Young Elites. I had this instinct to go to it and stroke it so lovingly, cradle it in my arms and just basically run my fingers on it. Then I noticed someone next to me, a guy, who started smirking. I felt embarrassed and headed to the next shelves just to get away from the guy because well, again, embarrassed, and for one, I don't do well with guys at all so, yeah. Jayvee, scoot over to the sides please.

Anyway, I really wanted to stare at The Young Elites, so I headed back to the pile, hoping the guy was gone and he was but then I found him at the cash register and he meets my eyes, he lit up, starts waving at me with a copy of The Young Elites in his other hand and smiled at me. Again, embarrassed, I walked away, the heat rising up my ears, I felt it. After that, I left the bookstore, hoping to get something to eat. Then, I saw the guy at a local fast food chain, from a top the escalator. He then noticed me and smiled again, his friends looked at me too. I  tried to not be wary of him and of course the fact that he actually had The Young Elites already. I decided to head to a music store instead of the fast food restaurant to get away from all the embarrassment.

Then, I told my book club or lets say book group about it and they laughed and freaked out. One of my friends said that he thought the guy was gonna buy the book for me. WHOA!

So, it left me thinking. Would it be possible to actually just meet a guy at a bookstore and connect in a way that is far beyond chit-chat?  It's not like I don't know cases like these. I have seen love blossom among booknerds too but I've never actually notice it happen among people who come and go of bookstores. I wish I would. There are reasons why we have become unexpectedly taken by the idea that we'll find our soulmate inside a bookstore, mainly of course because of, you guessed it, BOOKS!


When you find out that a guy or a girl is actually looking at you while scanning a book or checking out what new books came out of the shelves, it definitely triggers the mind into thinking, "How do I look right now?" "Am I too weird?" It's either the guys a stalker or just plain interested in what you are doing.


It's actually funny to use this line on to a girl, especially towards a guy. Unless you are an upfront girl and your definitely interested in knowing what he is reading. Yet, in reality, not many people are like this, really. Again, unless he or she is basically just interested in the book, then yeah, people can be like that, but for reasons that love is involved, it could use a lot more work.


It's a lot more natural to approach a person when they have actually read a book that you know or currently reading. It gives more grounds to knowing each other than sounding really creepy.


Prince Charming or the princess of your dreams may not be present in the bookstore, but you'll always find love in the books that are around you. They will always be there to love you. I know Matilda was very loved by them! Way to get a catch! *winks*. But also, you know, find someone who you can share them with.

But honestly, as Ed Sheeran's song Thinking Out Loud says, "PEOPLE FALL IN LOVE IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS." Maybe a guy would see you freaking out over one of Rainbow Rowell's books or  just end up sitting there in a corner, quietly reading a book then a girl finds it adorable. Finding love at a bookstore may seem like a total doozy, but it is never impossible and as for me and my experience, well, I may as well use it as a reference in the near future.

So hey! Tell me if you've had an encounter like this at your local bookstore or if you've ever found real love in the process in the comments below. 

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