Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Things You Do When Waiting For A Book Sequel

Well hello there Misfit Booknerds! As a booknerd, we tend to have moments when we get attached to a book we loved. Knowing that a book is a trilogy and there are still a book or two left, we can't help but feel incredibly empty, and our longing for the next book grows each passing day. Yeah, the struggle is incredibly real at this point.

So how do you even wait for a sequel? Or how to do you cope with it? Well, I have here some of the things I normally do or some of the things I notice some people do while waiting for a sequel.

1. Reading fan fiction

Oh fan fictions of your favorite books are everywhere! And with a good book, say, Divergent, different fan fictions can be seen all over the inter-web, and waiting for example for Insurgent or Allegiant, a fan may end up seeing fan made stories of Tris and Four going through a certain challenge or killing off a friend. Of course, fan fictions are well, made by fans, so the relevance of it to the real story may or may not be at all connected. It's just like some form of medicine to the longing that a reader may have. Keep at it, Tumblr. You are helping the bookish universe!

2. Constantly stalking authors

Now, if you have Twitter and are following your favorite authors, there's a huge chance that some of them post tidbits of the sequel to their first or second book. It's mostly done to tease fans of course. But fans, while waiting, tend to keep their favorite authors on a list or making sure to check their Twitter pages every two hours or so, glued to their phones or computer screens. Chances are your favorite author may post a paragraph or an excerpt or even a quote from the next book, and we all die.

3. Making conspiracy theories

Remember when all of us had this theory that Nico D'Angelo will die in Blood of Olympus? Well, the fans can't help but freak out everytime someone in the fandom says something about an idea that Nico might die or another character may be trapped in the depths of Tartarus forever. Theories like this are what keeps the fandom alive at some point, giving the hope or even the despair as to what the sequel will hand out to us.

4.  Praying for a NOT SO DEAD character to come back

If you've read The Young Elites, you'd know what I'm talking about.

5. Making an altar at your room for preparation

This may involve stocking up on tissue papers, highlighters, sticky notes, pens or whatever as well as bookmarks, fan arts to look at while waiting, placing the book on a special standee and staring at it for an hour and then rereading it again and then crying coz the sequel is taking too long. 

Seriously, I do prepare some of the things on their but not exactly make an altar. HAHA! But still, you never know what a booknerd/fan of the series or trilogy is capable of. Well, as I've said, these are only from observations of what I do and what I've observed on others.

How about you? What things do you do when you are waiting for a sequel of a favorite trilogy or series? Is it weirder of far more drastic on the things above? Let's discuss that! Thanks again misfits for the countless support! Much love!

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