Thursday, May 28, 2015

Upcoming Books With TO DIE FOR Covers

Hi there Misfit Booknerds! As a motto for some, "Don't judge a book by it's cover." and yes, it does feel a tad wicked to judge a beauty of a book by just its outer appearance. However, book covers are becoming more diverse and inclined to showing beautiful colors and even textures, with typography that catches one's aesthetic.

Gorgeous book covers have now become a trend. (We'll get to naked hardcovers next time. *winks*)

Devoted--- The cover is haunting and gorgeous. There's a mystery that the novel truly conveys and I can't wait to dive to it soon!

The Stars Never Rise--- Simple yet stunning, this upcoming novel certainly does scream covergasm.

The Potion Diaries--- When I saw the cover for this book my instant reaction was, "OH, IT'S SOOOO CUTE!!!"  Plus it's about magic, so I'm pretty excited for it.

Illuminae---  When the cover for Illuminae was revealed, I immediately Twitter Jay and Amie that it has potentially left me pregnant. It's simple yet vibrant and dangerous! I can't calm just by thinking about it OMG!!!! >.<

Everything, Everything---  My first reaction to when I saw the cover for Everything, Everything was that I was gonna die if I don't stare at it long enough! Plus, Nicola is one of the sweetest people in the world. P.S. She has become my honorary triplet...along with Jennifer Niven lol.

Six of Crows--- Dark, mysterious and just perfect!  As much as I love vibrant covers, Six of Crows does present a nice aesthetic. It kind of reminds me of Song of The Sea, but more looming.

This Ordinary Life--- I love the play of colors for this novel. I've always been a fan of orange and blue as a complement, but it does not work all the time, but with this, it definitely does! And it looks so lovely with that graphic!

Ice Like Fire--- Snow Like Ashes has already proven its covergasm worth. I literally died when I saw it before. Not much difference from the first, Ice Like Fire still has the chakram, but is darker, dangerous and ominous. I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!

Ten Thousand Skies Above You--- The first book left me thinking about how nice it would be to go to Russia. It didn't fail me with the mixture of colors and vibrancy. It truly prepared me for something. Another cover glory, Ten Thousand Skies Above You might potentially send me into a coma when I get a hold of it.

Winter---  Since my interview with Marissa, I have always been looking forward to seeing the cover of Winter. And lo and behold! AHHHH!!! It's so gorgeous and mysterious and ahhhh... That apple, please! FOCAL POINT!

So what books with awesome covers are you looking forward to? Did we have the same choices or do you have your preferences? Share them with me through the comments! :) Thanks Misfit booknerds! Keep on reading 

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