Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Misfit Talks: Losing Creative Juices

Hi there Misfit booknerds! I have a small dilemma, which could lead to me basically giving up on life. Just kidding. But still, I'm finding myself rather low on creativity lately.

Now I know putting up posts and stuff such as this and talking about certain things like books and authors and whatnot seems creative, but there's so much more ideas I had in mind before that I shut myself down, and now, my brain is crying. Help.

Remember my Writers Central project where people could send in their short stories and poems? I think that's the last creative idea I've ever thought of that's dynamic and participatory at least, but then it doesn't seem to be doing all that well... (1 entry isn't enough) And while I try to keep it alive by supplying my own stories, I feel like I'm losing ideas and concepts to tell. I want my stories to be special, creative, unusual and gripping. I think in a world where ideas are everywhere, something that beyond is well...beyond me.

Sorry. I know my frustrations are the least of your worries. And my thesis isn't exactly helping in my trying to be creative with my life. Sometimes, I think of enrolling to an art or piano class, but then that'd be the same as studying in university, and having my thesis along side, I think I'm asking for a death sentence. 

I am fully aware that creativity is innate and it needs some sort of trigger. But please! TRIGGER COME TO MEEEEE!!!! I feel lost without my ideas. I feel like The Walking Dead now. Hmmm. Maybe I should do TV marathons.

I have been reading a lot lately along with being busy, so I think I'm still alright... for now. LOL. But other than that, I would really love to write a short again or think of wonderful ideas for a project. :)

If you have any ideas to boost your creativity or if you've ever been on a creative slump, what dragged you out of it? Leave some of your answers on the comments please? Pretty please? Thank you, Misfit booknerds! Till next time. May my creative juices seep in again. :(

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