Thursday, July 16, 2015

What It's Like To Have A Bookish Best Friend

Hi there Misfit Booknerds! How have you been??? Are you busy with school or are you reading? Please be reading. HA! Wouldn't you be so glad if you can talk to your best friend about that book you're reading but alas, your best friend isn't exactly the type who reads books! You're life is a lie. LOLJK! Cherish those best friends of yours.

Anyway, I've been known to not label friendships. One time, one of my friends told me that she doesn't know what our relationship really is, even though we're practically on the best friend standpoint, if you know what I mean. The truth is, I just assume that if I have a friend whom I'm very close with, they are already my best friend. And I don't care if I end up having a ton of best friends coz of it. Everyone matters to me. *tackle hugs you all*

But having a bookish best friend is the best thing of all, especially for me who is obsessed with books! And I would say I have some of the best bookish best friends in the whole wide world. So what is it like, you ask?

Well then!

1. Seeing a book at a bookstore is like seeing a really cute boy/girl. All you do is talk about them.

Nothing beats a good talk about how sexy that book looked like in the shelves at the bookstore, or how the cover made you swoon, or getting to read the synopsis felt like you got to know it so much more, and having someone relate is totally the best feeling ever. I'm in cloud nine.

2. Your boyfriend, my boyfriend

Augustus Waters is still currently a lucky fictional man, for even in his death (RIP Gus, I LOVE YOU), a ton of swooning fangirls, who still mourn over him, and carry around Okay? Okay tissue boxes, they still consider him their "boyfriend". Your best friend and you will most likely have the same fictional boyfriend, especially if you end up reading the same book. Either way, you won't choke each other out for the love of one. Awww.


If your best friend ends up hating a character of one novel, then prepare yourself, because a discussion is about to ensue. Prepare words such as "It'll be alright." or "Don't worry. The sequel will prolly be better." One other thing. If best friend is hating on someone hating her ship, be sure to defend it with all your might. (even though you are secretly not shipping her ship. LOL)

4. Lending books is essential for building a foundation for your friendship.

Don't be afraid to let your babies immerse in your best friend's caring and loving arms. I'm sure they are gonna take care of them. If push comes to shove, be sure to prepare a syringe filled with a killing serum. Just sayin'.


If you end up finishing a book, and it's so beautiful, calling your best friend is key. Getting to wail out frustrations and thoughts on making fan fiction make you feel better. Hopefully your best friend is willing to understand your frustrations. But condition them into thinking they'll be in the same situation soon too, and your the only one who will be there for them. MUAHAHAHAHA! No seriously, they just might cry with you.

6. Going to booksignings is like going to war.

Best friend must be willing to do things for you, and you must be willing to do the same. But make sure you are in line together. Next to each other. Having your best friend there, fangirling with you, screeching coz your favorite author is just around the corner is elating... and dangerous too. If friend protects you from the harshness of the crowd, keep that friend forever and ever.

7. Your days (social media sites) are filled with tweets to you, saying that they miss you.

Lookin' at you Eriele. Alia. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Here's to your bookish best friends! Shout out to my lovely Peculiar Family, who I miss very much! I love you all! And to all my bookish "best" friends, don't find me creepy! LOL! 

If you can relate to the items above and if you are willing to share more of your thoughts, leave a comment below. You can talk about your bookish best friend behind his/her back, and tell me how awesome they really are! :)

See you in the next feature Misfit Booknerds!

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