Friday, July 10, 2015

Misfit Talks: When I Was A Kid...

Hello hello, Misfit booknerds! Thank you by the way for reading my short features! It means a lot! It's fun to hear your thoughts about my life as it is but what if I tell you some stories about myself as a kid? Yeah, let's wallow about that for a moment and prepare your mind for extreme awkwardness and weird photos... LOL!

So, yeah, let me share with you the fact that I was born in a small town in Batangas, in the Philippines and I am the first girl from the side of my Dad, so they kinda celebrated and thought I was the most adorable thing in the planet. Of course, that all changed when I turned to be this piece of work. LOL

Anyway, we moved to another place for a few years coz my Dad had to work. I don't remember much from my life there, except for this huge couch that we used to play in and the round table, which we still have now, placed in a corner. We then moved back in to Batangas, where I made friends with my cousins mostly. I would say that the first few years were a tad more exciting.

I used to cut off the heads of my Barbies or switch their clothes. Since I had two younger brothers, I had an interest to what they were doing mostly, thus leading to some parents thinking I was way too boyish. I learned how to bike coz my Dad got me this really cute yellow bicycle. I had so much fun with it for a few days, and then my aunt/godmother sat on it and it collapsed. I lost a friend that day and I never learned how to ride a bike. Ever. I did however, learn how to rollerblade.

As a kid, I was already obsessed with television and films. I remember crying over my first Disney film. It was The Lion King and it was beautiful. But I never show my parents myself crying over films, ever. Even now as I grew up, I never tell them I cried over a film. I usually just hide behind the arm of a sofa and cry till my eyes hurt.

I would say that the times I had as a kid were fun but it was definitely filled with drama I wish I could forget. I remember the first time I cried really hard. It was when my younger brother got into an accident. The thoughts in my head were sinister and for a young girl, thinking about it now, I stressed A LOT. There were also the times I got bullied throughout elementary school just because. And the scariest moment of my life was when I was 10. I went into surgery and I would never forget how cold my feet were at the time.

We are shaped by how we were raised by our parents but we also grow through our experience. I somehow feel bad for some kids now who don't get to play games outside because they'd rather sit and watch the television or stare at their iPads all day. I didn't exactly have the cheeriest childhood, but I did go through a ton of things that I am both proud and embarrassed of. But I guess that makes me human at least.

Sorry if I have such few photos of me as a kid. We don't exactly like taking photos then. Or keeping them. LOL!

Anyway, what memories do you remember when you were a kid? Let's talk about them in the comments! I'm sure they are adorable!

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