Thursday, January 28, 2016

Binge Club: Mozart In The Jungle and Haikyuu!!

Hey!!! How's it going? Being all busy and running around? Well, not me. This month, I became a hermit. A creature of the dark...bedroom, watching television shows for hours and hours...and hours. I, for sure have not been living under a rock all this time but I have noticed that I have been ignoring some new shows that have come out and also forgot to take note that new seasons actually exist in this reality.

So, I decided to, like with Andy Samberg's TV education: locking himself in a TV Bunker room for a year without bathing, and really just take in a lot of the shows I've been missing out on and a lot of shows that I know are good but ignored for so long...with actually showering and changing clothes.

1. Mozart In The Jungle

Original Release: February 6th 2014-present
Cast: Gael Garcia Bernal, Lola Kirke, Hanna Dunne, Saffron Burrows, Malcolm McDowell, Bernadette Peters.
Developed by: Roman Copolla, Jason Schwartzman, Alex Timbers
Genre: Comedy-Drama/Musical
Running time: 30 minutes
Network: Amazon Video

I first discovered this show while watching the 73rd Golden Globe Awards. I saw Gael Garcia Bernal, a few of his films I've seen before, And at first I thought it was actually set in the jungle (yes, I'm an actual idiot) but actually in New York City. The story starts with the New York Symphony, with it's maestro, Thomas Pembridge retiring and welcoming a new conductor who is known for his vibrant energy and joyousness, Rodrigo de Souza. The plan was to bring back the orchestra to its former glory, with Rodrigo helping out. Then we meet Hailey Rutledge, an aspiring oboist who struggles to find her life in the hustle and bustle of New York City, working as an oboe teacher and a part-time oboe player at a theater. She wants to change her life and make the most out of it and when she gets the opportunity to audition for the New York Symphony, she blows it but plays still and Rodrigo discovers her raw talent. From then on, a mixture of frustration, musical prowess and determination fueled the show with humor that is just right and the angst and tension riding in different waves! This show is perfect!

Season 1 is a bit of a doozy but I still loved it! I fell in love almost immediately with the first episode but you kind of ride along with everything from that point. It was very much like an introductory season for every character and for every situation and it felt just right. Then season 2 happened and BAM! My dreams came true! Every bit of conflict started, the plot was on point from then on, Rodrigo had more issues and became somehow human in the process. And the show made me cry. I laughed a lot for this show but what I didn't notice in the first season was that it didn't make me cry. Maybe coz it was a comedy but season 2 got me so good! Damn.

I do suggest this show for artists, musicians and to those who want to keep believing in their dreams, that there is a way to it all and that you have people around you who will be there for you no matter what.

2. Haikyuu!!
Original Release: April 6th 2014-present
Voice Cast (Anime): Ayumu Murase, Kaito Ishikawa, Satoshi Hino, Miyu Irino, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Yuu Hayashi, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Toshiki Masuda, Koki Uchiyama, Souma Saito, Daisuke Namikawa, Yuichi Nakamura, Kaji Yuki, Ryohei Kimura, Ryota Ohsaka, Kaori Nazuka
Directed by: Susumu Mitsunaka Written by: Taku Kishimoto
Genre: Sports, Comedy-drama
Running time: 25 minutes
Network: MBS
Language: Japanese

This show has literally become my life it's so good! I just had to throw an anime that I love this month because I live for them and Haikyuu!! just.. I can't. The story revolves around the Karasuno Volleyball team as they try to reach their dreams, to become the best volleyball team in Japan while learning of their strengths and weaknesses as each individual.

Haikyuu!! just exudes the power of team spirit and determination, which a lot of sports anime successfully done yet Haikyuu!! feels unusually special. It's probably because of Hinata's blind optimism and hard work or Suga's refreshing self or Noya's handsomeness and rabidness that I fell in love with this anime but it's actually more that just one character that makes this anime shine. As if each character is given a moment to prove themselves, this anime doesn't just solely rely on the main protagonist but on everyone in the show. Even the other team members are worth the love.

The show screams passion and overall it's seriously addicting. I've cried many times because of this anime's intensity and amazing plot lines that never go at random. Plus, I've laughed too much because of the hilarity of some situations but it's a super feel good show. You'll never get tired of it. The opening and ending songs are of course in Japanese but if you love, J-Rock, you'd love SPYAIR and the rest of the artists that perform songs for the anime.

The anime is currently on its second season and the manga is currently on-going as well (although I'm trying not to read the manga just yet). I definitely recommend this to anime fans who have not seen it yet, sports enthusiast and for those who just want to try an anime to watch. This will make you very happy.

Liked any of the titles? For all I know, most of these are available on your favorite streaming services and also local cable networks. So go and check them out if you want. Leave a comment below if you're interested in seeing any of them or all of them or if you have a recommendation for me for next month. Thanks for reading misfits!

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