Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Reading Unfamiliar or Disliked Genres and How to Deal With Them

Hey there!!! As you might have known already from all my constant Twitter plugging #shameless, I've started off my 2016 with my Bookish Resolutions. Now, I know it doesn't seem all too important, but my goal really is to comply with that or at least make the most out of each month.

However, I have noticed that I've put myself in quite the challenge. There are a few months in which I'm going to be reading some genres that are either unfamiliar to me or that I don't particularly enjoy and have to try out.

I've become accustomed to titles that feel comfortable and safe but I've also noticed that I've become lax with them and somehow bored and I need something that will make my readings a little bit more diverse.

But with genres that you're mostly really skeptical and scared to be engrossed with, how do you even deal with them?

1. Open your mind to possibilities

Now, a lot of readers tend to be curious about certain genres but never really let the stream go by actually investing in them. I am guilty of this. I tend to find stability and comfort in genres I'm used to but you'll find that the offerings of wonderful literature are beyond that and it's time to let go of the reins in your brain and welcome new possibilities.

2. Be source-fed

Information is key when dealing with unfamiliar books or genres. It's always helpful to get knowledge from bloggers or readers who have read a title you are curious about or taken an interest to. It might also help to check out Goodreads lists for good recommendations for new books you haven't tried before. You can also borrow books that your friends have read. It's helpful if it's something they really, really liked so you might like it too.

3. Take it easy

Okay, don't push yourself too hard. I know starting a book you're not into can be a bit stressful but don't fret. Start with an easy book. Something that's not overwhelming. I remember when my Grandfather recommended Ken Follett to me and I told him that I'm not so sure if I could read his books just yet. Sure, if you're gonna start the book, don't rush it. Take your time. Even if it takes you a month to do so. Stephen King books might take me from October to the next year. Guys, I am quite scared.

4. Talk to someone bookish about it

In the midst of reading and you might find it overwhelming (or underwhelming), then it's safe to divulge it to someone who's probably familiar with the book or anyone you feel could understand you if you need to let your feels out. Maybe they'll have an opinion that could help keep you going into reading.

5. If it's too much or too less, don't give up just yet

It's like staying in an intoxicating or dull's kinda sickening and sad at the same time however, never be afraid to take things till the end or at least nearer to it and if you just don't love it and it's never gonna work out for you, I suggest you save your brains from malfunctioning.

6. Be up for the challenge

Now, if you do decide to stay and read through the end, and you loved it, then get ready to read more books from the genre. Again, take it easy and work your way up. Having more options in your reading itinerary is definitely quite thrilling so go forth and read.

There you go! That's just some tips that I feel, from some of my experiences at least, have helped me deal with genres I didn't exactly like or felt quite unfamiliar with. If you have any genres you don't enjoy but would like to read this 2016, what are they and what are you hoping to accomplish? Leave a comment down below so we can discuss it! See you later, misfits!

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