Saturday, January 16, 2016

Tunes Pod: Alessia Cara, Disclosure and Dresses

Hey there! It's another month and actually a whole new year filled with amazing discoveries both in books and of course, music! YAY! (This is me in blindly optimistic mood lol) Anyway, much of the stuff I listened through December were really much of last month's Tunes Pod feature but by the start of January, I was looking into a different set of pace and I found some new faves and went into loving a band anew since I've discovered a long time ago.


I adore this spunky girl who I think I've seen in a Buzzfeed video being interviewed. At first I was skeptical about her being on the red carpet then I immediately searched for her and MIND=BLOWN. Her music speaks to the young and particular issues that millennials face in this day and age. It's angsty, flavored and very raw. It's the right type of music to listen to when you're feeling particular rebellious on a given day.

Faves: Well, there's only 5 songs on this EP and I choose them all!!! They are just really good and I cannot wait for her to release a whole deluxe album. Someone (me) will definitely be grabbing it from the record store. 


The only song I've heard from Disclosure was "Latch" with Sam Smith on vocals. It's fun, ravey and beautifully written. And it's one of the very few EDMs I really like. I'm not really a fan of the genre. However, Disclosure has a way of making every song unique and interesting and they collaborate with some really unique artist as well, making their sound bizarre yet strangely addicting. I especially adore their new album, Caracal. It's wicked good, at least for me. But I do suggest you dive into their sound.

Faves: Omen, Magnets, Nocturnal, White Noise and Hourglass


I have adored Dresses ever since I discovered them on Spotify's Discover option and it was a match made in heaven. Dresses is composed of a duo of artists who perform upbeat, sort of pop-ish country/folk music that is super adorable and refreshing to the ears. But the lyrics to their songs are quite sad and endearing. Still, I suggest you listen to them when you're feeling ridiculously mad or crazy. I just love them.
Faves: All the songs seriously but I think I'm a bit partial to Lonely One and Painting Roses.
So that's it for the artists I decided to listen to this month! Who are you currently listening to? Please do share your faves with me and maybe I will listen to them by next month! YAY! Till next time!

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