Monday, November 25, 2013

A Rewarding Day

This post is short guys. You may consider reading it, but it's my diary, so I can rant with anything that I want. LOL!

Anyway, yesterday was one of my most productive days around the house. It's been a while since I actually swept the floors of my room. I'm incredibly lazy by nature, so cleaning is not really something I look forward to doing in an everyday basis. But with my father around, it's quite impossible not to.

So yesterday, even with a heavy heart, I cleaned the whole second floor of the house. I dunno what was more demanding but it was the most tiring day I've ever had.


But was able to survive. And in all honesty, I found the cleaning, rewarding. It wasn't necessarily fun, but when I saw how SHINY the floor got and how symmetrical the bed got, I said to myself "Good job Jayvee. You deserve a pat on the back..." *pats back*.

And another thing I cleaned today was the Christmas Tree. It's a month before Christmas and my Mom was frantic with having the tree cleaned. We don't deconstruct our tree or remove the decorations in it. We just learned not to in the past couple of years, so yesterday was pretty different. Can we cry for a bit, coz I'm sorta proud. Anyway, we cleaned off the dust and now the Christmas Tree is as sparkly and holiday ready! It's ready for it's selfie!

I wish I can post photos of it now, but maybe later, when it's fully lit up and pretty coz now, it's decoration-less still. We'll work on it. As for now, I'm quite excited for Christmas...:)

Special thanks to Pledge Wood Shiner with Anti-Dust/Dust Repellant, whatever it actually it is. It made the floor extremely shiny and smooth, I could slide on my butt on it... HAHAHA! Could you imagine? Please don't.

So I hope that at some point, I inspired you misfits to clean your room, or if your room is clean already, do some upgrades. Maybe your rooms need some added touch. It's pretty rewarding. Work your way into an OCD, coz I just realized, I have a mild case of it... HAHAHA! We'll talk about that some other time.

Do look forward to my next book review, David Levithan's The Realm of Possibility. I love this book and hopefully you know about it too.

I love you all and Bless us all!!!

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