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Book Review: The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan (2004)

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I was lucky enough to receive something special that day. My uncle sent me some money which I didn't expect. I asked him for it a few weeks back, but he wasn't replying, until one day he sent me a message saying that he sent me some cash. I headed to a pawnshop after finishing up enrolling for my second semester at school. Afterwards, I headed to the bookstore and grabbed the books that actually spoke to me while I was there. One of which is the book I'm going to be reviewing now.

I agree Agnes!!! IT REALLY IS!!!

There are a couple of books that I've read where I would actually be too attached to a character or be drawn in by a scene in a page. I would be lying if I said that I never thought Jace was real or that Sherlock Holmes could actually be my dad! And with this book, The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan, I ended up noticing the same symptoms... that I've become too attached to  the characters, that each line they spewed out, either hurt or made me extremely happy. A book that actually took me to endless possibilities.

Hey Boyfriend!

Hey Dad!

The Realm of Possibility revolves on the stories of 20 teens, each with a voice, all of which are intertwined with one another or at least aware of each other's existence. The main story focuses on a gay couple-Daniel and Jed-who are in a verge of celebrating their first anniversary. But as I said, there are 20 people in the story, all of which are catered with different scenarios. There are five chapters, and each chapter consists of four people who tell their story. I noticed stories on heartbreak, moving on, self-consciousness, weakness, pain, suffering, falsity, longing, regret, discrimination and of course, everyone could not live without the LOVE bit. You could never go wrong with it.

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I fell in love with each character of the story, though some of them are way too hard to understand-why they actually go through what they are going through. But through these characters and stories, I felt a piece of myself with them, that I've actually at some way, felt the same way as they did, maybe not as much but definitely a speck of there somewhere. I believe this is one of David Levithan's amazing superpowers! He is a total genius for me! He was able to draw me in to every situation. He made me laugh, cry, angry and all of those emotions mixed into a bundle of something that you actually could not explain. I would like to call it FEELS... BOOKNERDS, back me up here!

OH RIGHT! He's my other dad! HAHA! In my dreams!
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Each story is not that long. I actually read it around the afternoon and finished around the afternoon as well. It was that good, I could not drop it! The novel is in poem form, though it seems that you are actually just reading a novel in prose and not a scaled verse, though there are cases that you are presented with real poems. It seems hard to explain but that's how I put it. And I appreciated it a lot! OOOH! And you'd also like reading into each chapter coz the previous chapters might actually be linked with another character! It was sooo much fun when I was actually thinking who this person is paired up with, but he/she doesn't necessarily say, and then you'll wait a couple more chapters to actually notice who it was! BONKERS!

Though the stories were short and kinda cliffhanger-ish to me in a way, it packed a punch! It gave off character, values and that wonderful sense of humanity. You'd want to share their sentiments, you'd feel their every movement and think the same because they are like us-teenagers, young adults. We are sensitive. And the novel caters to that beauty.

One other thing I love about David Levithan is that he supports gender equality. I commend him for that! He's won a ton of awards because of his resiliency towards the subject matter. And I extremely love him for that very reason. Anyway, I've read a couple of his books, though some I wish to buy but I couldn't necessarily find them at the nearest bookstore around town, so. But I did get to read Will Grayson, Will Grayson which is one of my favorite books and also because he did a collab with also, one of my favorite authors, Mr. John Green. The combination is just EPIC! I'll write a review on the book some other time.

Amazingly true!

So to wrap up the review, if you appreciate, love and would actually die for an extremely good, old-fashion teen romance novel, then I seriously recommend The Realm of Possibility. I promise you, you won't regret it. OH! By the way, Holden Caulfield from The Catcher of the Rye, has actually made a cameo in this novel, so see what chapter he's actually in. HAHA!


1. Daniel: SMOKING
5. Gail: GOSPEL
6. Jamie: THE DAY
8. Charlotte: WRITING


The Realm of Possibility is available at all National Book Store and Fully Booked outlets for 299PHP. Worth every penny, I swear! It's a masterpiece!

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Thank you for your lovely, lovely support! Make sure that you check out some David Levithan books for Christmas or at the very least, add a book on your checklist. I'll review on some others, soon! But do look forward to my next BOOK REVIEW which is all about Th1rt3en Reasons Why by Jay Asher and his special tweet to me! I love you all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and see you around Misfits!

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