Tuesday, November 12, 2013

When Bored... I Watch Youtube Videos

If every person in this planet,who died, would be required to write a letter to God before they enter heaven (or hell), with the list of things that they've loved while they lived, I'm pretty sure that most people would write about money, sex, drugs (hopefully these things did not make you happy), friends, family, a Ferrari, a girlfriend and those what-nots that we've received throughout the course of our lives. We've all learned how to love sweet nothings throughout our existence since things nowadays are pretty much given in the form of sweet nothings. Do you get my point? Maybe not.

No one better to point it out than Charlie...

Anyway, since I am bored today, with nothing much to do, except, tweet, tweet, tweet, I decided that I should do another, When Bored, I...episode. And to give an answer to my query on top, (which is not exactly a question), then one thing that I would definitely write and thank God for is the existence of Youtube.

HEP! Not just simple home videos with cats scratching their ears or something or someone who suddenly tripped off the couch and everyone started laughing about it, I would thank God for Youtube and more so, the Youtubers who shaped and made YT a sensation.

Oh. WOW! To think Sheldon got that... HAHA!

Which is why, I've been subscribed to top YTubers such as Ryan Higa, KevJumba, SMOSH, TheFineBros, Shane Dawson and many more over the course of 3 years being an avid YT fan. However, I ended up losing my old account, so I had to make a new Google Account, which is sad because there were some YTubers who are good, but I don't remember who.

This GIF was pretty much how it was when I watched the video. I had to repeat the whole scene to make my stomach ache from laughing too hard... RYAN IS A GENIUS!

Till recently, I found some new ones like Jack and Finn Harries of Jack's Gap, Marcus Butler, Caspar Lee, Zoella and more...

Uhm, hello Jack, Finn... *waives quite shyly* TEEHEE! Wait, that's supposed to be for Ryan... HAHA!

I couldn't ask for a more eventful day than to procrastinate, bore myself out and end up watching Youtube videos. And heck, it pumps up the rest of my day, which is very wrong to say so myself since usually I watch videos at 3 in the afternoon (on weekends and when there's no school), so I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get some decent sleep at night... HAHAHA!

Friends ask me, why do I invest into watching these videos and waste a couple of hours just sitting there and listening to other people yap about things they do? Well, because I think like they do. I don't know, I feel that I should be making a vlog right now and talk about my ordinary life and start thinking up of weird things to feature or rant about how bad the politics is #NOHATE. I get their sense of humor and I adore the things that they talk about or feature. It's fun to see other people whom you don't exactly know, make a fool out of themselves somehow, bring 3-5 minutes of fun and without having to look like Nick Cage or Danny DeVito. Again #NOHATE.

They could look like any friend you have at school, and still you'd be surprised that they're actually famous! Kinda like Hannah Montana with all the hiding/secret identity thing. Well, Hannah Montana probably went on out hiding for good since Miley Cyrus has went out on rage with her new style and swag. HAHA! Which brings us to a YT video I adore and can't stop laughing off to. (Although it has it's R-Rated content, so children...)

And it's from none other than Youtuber-who-likes-to-make-MV-parodies, SHANE DAWSON! I'm not sure who the hell doesn't like Shane, he's blunt, sassy and has multiple personalities. Now that's a good bargain. Here's the We Can't Stop video parody.

Subscribe to: ShaneDawsonTV

And of course, I'd love to share to you my favorite Ryan Higa videos, of course that would lead to 200+ video links, so I'll just link his newest video and of course his main channel. Anyway, if I am allowed to say, I think I have every right to claim that I discovered Ryan Higa first. It's just that Twitter was not that rampant then. HAHA! Anyway, I love him. I wanna marry him, but he doesn't wanna marry me, but I end up happy still because I get to watch his videos, everyone is happy, case closed. HAHA!...

Subscribe to: nigahiga

Just watched this one from TheFineBros. Just love their React Videos. Though I should definitely be watching the other videos they are uploading, I'd like to hear more on what other people have to say about a certain topic. Plus, Youtubers get to react too... Just love how Shane Dawson reacts...almost to everything..HAHA!

Their recent video: Teen's React to Lorde

And of course to prove my "Shane" point:

OOOOOH! This one features Caspar too! JEEZ! He's sooo cute!

Subscribe to: TheFineBros

UGH! I wouldn't forget my new found treasure! I missed the Jack's Gap channel since their RickShaw run adventure and even when they came back, they still didn't upload as soon, but this video pretty much gives a good damn reason why. I forgive you Jack and Finn. I always do.

Jack-jack! I love you... *bows*

Subscribe to: JacksGap

So now, as you know, I'm quite a productive person when I have to, just not in a you know, productive sense. But at least, I do know how to make myself happy. Anyway, go ahead and subscribe to these Youtubers' channels and explore other channels that you could find...

Until next time Misfits!

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