Friday, February 7, 2014


(This post is my feelings. Don't try to make it big of an issue. I love my professors. Just in reality, work is.. well, work...)

You might be aware of the program I'm taking up right now, if not, LET ME REPEAT IT AGAIN! I'm taking up Bachelor of Science in Development Communication. And I truly ask of you, not to ask me to define it to you! Just go search it on Google! HAHAHA! SASS!

I now regret taking up too many courses within the program for this semester. We're taking up film class, which requires making a 10-15 min film, Radio and TV class with the documentary, a radio forum, an IBS and School-On-Air, a paper for Strategic Communication, MEDIA INTERNSHIP at a Community Newspaper and a few more requirements for Development Writing class...

One thing I'm thankful for: I didn't take thesis classes. OR ELSE! I'll probably die! I'm not really a multi-tasker. I just believe I am. I have time management issues too. IN OTHER WORDS, I AM A LAZY BUM! HAHAHA!

But I think that if I can rewind everything, I'd lessen my load. Then again, I love the rush of doing so many things. I said one time, "I LOVE DEADLINES! THEY GIVE ME A REASON TO LIVE."

I'm also thankful that I am still alive with all the requirements that I'm sure are gonna pile up by next week or the following month! WOO! To my professors, I thank them for being evil and supportive all at the same time! LOL! They give me a reason to live too!

Hopefully, I'd know my limit before piling up my courses. Maybe, this is a good lesson for the near future. HAHAHA!

I am fairly excited for the many things to come and then SUUUUUMMMMERRRRR! <3

That's it for this post! Maybe you can relate to it! Tweet me or leave a comment! <3

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