Monday, February 3, 2014

HIM: A Short Story (HER, Part 2)

(So recently I decided to pursue this story in my head. It will be in parts until I think that the story could end or even not end but I feel like it did... I'm sorry! I'm complicated! Anyway, here it is. Please enjoy!)

Photo Credits to Advanced Scribes

The order of things should always be the same. I liked it that way. My movements would be frozen by any changes in how I've always lived. 

I am blind. For 10 years, the world has been dark and cold, shapeless and indefinite...

But the order of things around me has depleted. The daily routine I forever would've lived with, has now been invaded by eyes I felt were looking at me.

You stood by the counter, waiting for the basket of things Anthony (if you would like to know is my chauffeur), carried for me. I felt every your every gaze, somehow piercing towards my skin and the blankness of my eyes.  Did you find me disgusting? Am I an eyesore? 

I became somehow scared of your presence every time I would pitter-patter and walk my way through the store with my head low to the floor, trying to walk as straight as possible.  But then, as the days passed, you also became someone whom I found intriguing.

I would finish shopping, get money from my bag and feel every gaze as I shake incessantly. I handed the money to Anthony, who then after, pushed something to my bag. I heard the ring of the cash register and I knew that the day would end again. I wanted to raise my head, say thank you properly and talk to you, maybe, but all I could do was faintly smile, say thank you but could never work up the courage to even ask your name. Anthony grabbed my hands, pulled me towards him, and I knew we were leaving. I felt a soft sting in my heart. It silently screamed the wish to know you more.

So that is it for the short story today! It's very short I know! I consider myself extremely lucky, even to get the chance to even type this down coz of the busy schedule! It would give me such a boost of energy if you could tweet me what you think or LEAVE A COMMENT! Thank you sooo much MISFITS! AND I LOVE YOU ALL! 

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  1. So she is blind! I hope you get all the energy and inspiration to pursue your story :)


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