Tuesday, February 11, 2014

MUSIC POD: February Playlist, TOP 5

This post includes my current favorites for the month of February, but it could also change in the course of time. This may also include old songs that I feel like listening to during the month... Let's get started...

1. WHAT YOU WANTED by OneRepublic (SONG)

So, as you all know, I did an album feature of OneRepublic last month, but I seriously love them and would love to feature WHAT YOU WANTED because it's a song that's going to be feature in one of the most anticipated movie adaptations of the year, The Fault In Our Stars.
The song features wonderful lyrics, something you'd always expect with OneRepublic songs. What I loved about it is the intensity of the drums and the play on the synth piano, if I got that right. You can never really go wrong with OneRepublic! <3

Listen to the song here: Take some time to read the comments and see how many book nerds have actually listened to this clip. HAHAHA! Credits to Mohammad Maaz's SoundCloud


When most of us thought Queen Bey has kicked the bucket or has forgotten that she actually had a voice, a fandom, an army, she was actually in a music studio, recording her new album and she drops the bomb at us a few months ago and has released her self-entitled album with 14 songs and 17 videos in it! I mean, what a wonderful bargain!
And then she gives us a taste of her new music here with XO which is a happy, giddy song that is perfect for this month of hearts and love! The lyrics scream wonderful dedication to a person that you love and wanna hold.

Listen to the song here: Credits to jellypuri's SoundCloud


To be very honest to all you Little Mix fans there, I have only gotten addicted to Little Mix coz of this song! But I do know the member and who wouldn't be familiar with Perrie (Zayn's fiancee!)
This song in particular, makes me dance! Well, the song is called MOVE, so no wonder! I love the sass of the lyrics of this song and the riffs! AND ALL OF THEIR VOICES! DEAR LORD! Thanks for making me hear this! Coz now, I'm gonna fangirl over Little MIX!

And also if you're gonna be tellin' them guys that you are in a relationship with to learn a few things about you, sing this song to them girls! :) Just a suggestion!

Listen to the song here: Credits to brittamorinn's SoundCloud


I have an obsession with The Killers! Like, you can't even imagine! But then I would love to focus on JUST ANOTHER GIRL first which is the newest from their album Direct Hits, which features their greatest hits.
I just love the manliness and the girliness of this song at the same time. I don't know. It speaks really! There are songs which can just put on trash in their lyrics, but this speaks to all guys who got their heart broken!

So, here I am defending guys! HAHA! Guys, this is a great move-on song for you! Maybe, in a way, you'll get your heart broken this month, or you still can't move on from a girl. This can help you move towards a better and sweeter girl, if that's what you're lookin' for! Or just find a heavy metal band to get the stress out!

But seriously, this is one mad song, great vocals, awesome mix of instruments and current sounds! BRANDON FLOWERS! You are one amazing man! And if you watch the video, you'll see Dianna Agron, a freakin' favorite of mine! <3

Listen to the song here: Credits to Luz!!!'s SoundCloud


Finally, to one of my musical inspirations, the light of my MP3 player, Katy Perry and her amazingness! Now  I suggest that you listen to her whole album PRISM, but I'm doing you a favor by featuring one song, for each month. HAHAHA. Just Kiddin' but seriously.

So, THIS MOMENT is one heartfelt song for people who love each other but are scared of the future and have always been thinking of the mistakes of the past. Grab the now to make your love blossom is what the song emanates! And what I love about this song in particular is how Teenage Dream-ish it is and of course, Katy's voice and the wonderful message of this song! I suggest you revamp your MP3's and add this song!

And of course, this is one perfect for February! <3

Listen to the full song here: Credits to Roberto Lustosa's SoundCloud

So that's it for the February playlist! I hope that I made a few heart's flutter and broke a few (hopefully, not entirely broken.) Of course, this is not just for those in a relationship, but for those who appreciate really, really good music!

Leave me your comments, suggestions or any reactions on the comments below! Suggest a song that I should listen to for the March Playlist and also tweet me on Twitter and follow me if you have the time!


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