Friday, August 22, 2014

Cover Reveal: Conspiracy Girl by Sarah J. Alderson

Well, with problems of blogging that came along in my life, I still want to promote this book because it looks amazing and I'm a Hunting Lila fan, so let's see the newest addition to Sarah J. Alderson's arsenal of awesome books!

Here's a sneak peek of the book! WOOO!

Finn is sitting at a swivel chair in front of them. One hand taps commands on a keyboard, while the other is sticking a spoon into a jar of something that sits wedged between his thighs. With a sharp pang of betrayal I see Goz is lying at his feet. Finn holds out the spoon laden with what looks like peanut butter and Goz snarfs it down.

Anger propels me to my feet. Just the sight of Finn feeding my dog makes me want to hurl something at him. I march towards them.

Finn looks up and smiles. ‘Morning,’ he says, before reaching to pat Goz on the head.
I glare at my dog who ignores me, too busy trying to lick the spoon clean of every trace of Skippy.

‘You’re feeding him peanut butter?’ I ask.
Finn looks at the jar and then at the spoon which Goz is in danger of swallowing whole. He shrugs. ‘Yeah, he likes it.’ He holds the jar out to me. ‘Want some?’ he asks.

Also, Sarah's (as Mila Gray) book, Come Back To Me, is on sale for your Kindle at £4.99 to £1.30!!! So go grab the opportunity! The sale will be up until September 1st, so don't miss a beat!

Support Sarah's new book, Conspiracy Girl and Come Back To Me. Don't forget to check her links too!

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