Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Reading YA Novels For The First Time

The reading community is growing, slowly but surely. And for first time readers of fictional novels, certain reactions are bound to ensue. Booknerds of the like, support these new, fellow booknerds, especially this holiday season, because you have gone through this too.

1. It's a whole new experience.

Watching TV shows and movies could never compare to the wide array of emotions a book could give. You may think up a world so different to what the other person may have thought about. Characters are complex, may look different to what a movie may show. In short, a book lets your imagination run extremely wild!


New to the world of young adult fiction, you may encounter scenes in a book that bring what we fandom people call, FEELS, like a surge of different emotions wrapped with an intricate bow ready to explode. At first, you won't understand why you hold these emotions towards a character and that everything that he or she does is somehow swoon worthy or insanely evil, bringing the reader into thinking, "WHAT IS GOING ON!? Am I supposed to feel this way?"

3. Having too many favorites already (We won't judge you.)

You can never have too many favorites when you stumble upon them in a novel. You'd end up liking the protagonist, liking his or her friend, then loooving the antagonist and you basically don't know who to side with and who to support.

4. Dealing with character deaths

The questions is: How? I mean, if it's your first character death, coping up is almost impossible, most especially if it's a favorite character of yours. SHOUT OUT TO READERS OF ALEX LONDON'S PROXY! Anyway, I know that maybe watching movies and stuff has prepared you for it or maybe even you know how to deal with it. But you won't understand. Sometimes the murder just arrives, almost instantly thus breaking your heart into pieces. Don't worry, another book might cheer you up.

NOTE: Signs of hangover from previous book may incur. Refer to my post, BOOK HANGOVER.  And yes, read a new book. Results may vary of course.


After reading a Young Adult novel, there's only a few words to say: YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK! THERE'S NO TURNING NOW! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Thus resulting to stacks of To-Be-Read books and urges to buy new books. Yes, I have suffered this in high school, I'm sure you guys won't be any different.

And I guess same goes for any book genre. It is hard to stay away from a book once you've read one, especially if it's fantastic! How about you? Do you remember the first time you've read a YA novel? How did you feel? Were you able to relate? Tell me about all that in the comments below! :)

Thanks for all the support Misfit Booknerds! Get some holiday reading down before school starts! *winks*, especially the newbies!

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