Friday, December 5, 2014

PREFERENCES: Physical or Ebooks?

Why hello there Misfit Booknerds! How have you been? What are you currently reading? Are you reading the physical copy or the electronic copy?

Long since I started book blogging, I have requested electronic copies from both Netgalley and Edelweiss or receive drafts from authors themselves and I am incredibly appreciative of them. I don't have a credit card so I couldn't exactly purchase the copy myself. I honestly don't know the process of buying stuff online. I'm basically a noob! HAHAHA! Anyway, with the e-ARCs I've been getting, I knew it was easy to go through them since I was used to reading "illegally downloaded" books (I am still atoning for my sins) on my laptop. But lately, I could not focus reading my advance copies on my iPad. It maybe due to I use my social media apps and get distracted easily. It could also be that my eyes are getting too irritated staring on just the white surface. I mean, I could finish the books, no problem, but it has come to my attention that it would take me weeks to finish them.

Then I noticed when I do get to read my physical copies (Thank the gods coz TBR), I feel like I can read more. I dunno. I felt much closer to reading my physicals especially when I started collecting books. There's a feeling of completeness and love I feel when I do get to read my physicals. I don't know. I feel more comfortable while holding a copy in my hands. Sniffing, sniffing, sniffing. Ahhhh.

In many cases, you could say ebooks are more convenient because you can carry them much easily outside, you can browse them through your phone, tablet, Kindle, Nook or Kobo and they don't suffer the wear and tear. Physicals, have their own charm. You can still carry them around, you get less distracted with stuff you do on your phone and there's a sense of achievement when you do finish a physical copy. Plus, they look gorgeous.

Either way, I enjoy reading books, physical or ebook but as of late, it's pretty apparent what I'm mostly comfortable with.

So what about you? Are you #TeamPrint/#TeamPhysical or are you  #TeamEbooks. Tell me in the comments below what you think and lets start a discussion.

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