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Hi there everyone!!! I'M DOING ANOTHER BOOK TAG! Yes, a book tag, in which I was never actually tagged. Seriously. I never get tagged to anything unless I somehow push myself into being tagged or beg to do the tag or just do the tag coz rebel. But for this tag, I suppose there isn't really a question if I should do this or not. BECAUSE I WILL BECAUSE IT'S HAMILTON AND I CANNOT NOT DO IT. I saw it in Christine of polandbananasBOOKS video and said to myself, "JAYVEE, YOU'RE AN IDIOT IF YOU DON'T DO IT." The original tag was made by Maureen of maureenkeavy, so check out her video of that too.

If you follow me on Twitter, I absolutely cannot stop talking about basically 4 things: Books, Star Wars, Adam Driver and right now, Hamilton. As someone who is never actually raised in America, having any sort of inclination  towards the story of Hamilton is a bit perplexing to me. But as an audiophile and seeing that the story could translate to so many things, like a man's struggle to help his country rise to the top, it can be connected to so many unsung heroes of different times, ages and more. Hamilton is just a great example of one that has touched my heart. AND I'VE BEEN LISTENING TO THE CAST RECORDING EVERY DAY PEOPLE. EVERY DAY.

Okay, I'mma stop garbling my words now and start actually doing the book tag! I will also include the link to the songs on Spotify, so you can listen to them and start getting addicted... <3

1. The Room Where It Happens ( What book world will you put yourself into? )

Like Christine's answer, I think I'd love to be stuck in the Harry Potter world if given the chance. I mean, it's Harry Potter. What I'd do to be a part of the wizarding world and be a witch and rule the world. oh my gosh...scratch that. But as a kid, I've always dreamed of what it will be like to be in Hogwarts or in Diagon Alley and purchase my first wand in Ollivanders or get a Butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks (although it's kinda scary for a first timer to go there lol). There's just seems to be so many things to experience. And now with theme parks like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, it seems super possible to experience that now.

2. The Schuyler Sisters ( A female character you feel is underrated )

I think not many people I know have read Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang yet, but it's one of the most beautiful books I've read 2 years ago and reviewed it. It actually changed my perspective at how the world works and how two sides of the coin should always be considered. And I feel Liz Emerson is not appreciated enough. I mean, should she be? Yeah, she's misunderstood and all that but I feel she should be talked about more because she represents a culture nowadays that hides in a facet just to be appreciated by others. She's not exactly a role model, but I think her story is riveting and needs to be talked about more often around the bookish community.

3. My Shot ( A character that chases after what they want and doesn't let get anything get in the way )

I've been debating who I choose for this actually and I feel like I should choose someone from the dystopian world or at least a high fantasy novel. HAHAHA! Hmmmm. I think June Iparis from the Legend Trilogy is someone who will do everything to get to the truth and would do anything she wants and won't let anyone stop her. Given the chance to take her chance to have a shot to the freedom she deserves. But I think like with the song "My Shot", June isn't the only one who wishes for this chance to change everything. She has friends who want this change as well. I just recommend you listen to the song. :)

4. Stay Alive ( A character you wish is still alive )

It's not a question who I wish was still alive. Theodore Finch.

5. Burn (Most devastating end to a  relationship you've ever read about)

I think it's a sad, sad thing that I haven't really read much books with the couple not having a not-so-happy ending but if I really had to choose, I guess Tris dying in Allegiant (and please for the love of God if you have not read the book, which I swear you should coz cmon, don't blame me for this spoiler) and kinda flipping the whole story in a snap, I'm like, damn. Roth, SAVAGE MOVE! I guess more than like a split, you know, it's a lot harder when you actually lose that person in death or something. OH! Speaking of another one, I remember now! A Walk To Remember. May you rest in peace, Jamie. You are loved. Sweet, poor, innocent baby girl. And Champion. Yeah. I'm not okay. And yeah, Violet and Finch. Okay, who am I lying to? I've read some not-so-happy ending books. *cries forever*

6. You'll Be Back (Pick the sassiest villain)

If you've not listened to this song yes, please do. You will fall in love with Jonathan Groff. I swear. It's funny and just sassy af. Anyway, if I'm gonna choose a sassy villain, I think Count Olaf from A Series of Unfortunate Events is sassy af. He's not like the smooth operator of sassiness like the sexy kind of sorts but his sass levels are definitely up there. And of course, the bastard Sebastian Morgenstern from The Mortal Instruments series. I may not like the series in general but I quite liked Sebastian and his freaky, sassy, bastard self.  But I think I have more sassy choices in television. And I miss this sassy mothereffer. Moriarty, you sweet, villanous, wench. Come back. Now. :)

7. The Reynolds Pamphlet ( A book with a twist that you did not see coming )

SPOILER ALERT: Ayaaa. I think Hollow City by Ransom Riggs definitely put me in a tilt when we find out about that twist that throughout most of the novel, apparently, Miss Peregrine is someone else. OH. MY. GOD. Of course this is a spoiler and you can hurt me for this. But honestly you should've read this already.

8. Non-stop ( A series that you marathoned )

My high school library had a ton of Baby Sitter's Club books. And while I did get to read a few early on in my life, my HS library had every single copy. And so I would borrow a book everyday even though 1 fiction book is meant to be in your possession for a week. The librarian thought I was pretty weird...which is great actually HAHAHA! It also made my classmates think that I would borrow everyday from the library and that I have a new book to read everyday. Yeah. I was totally non-stop then.

9. Satisfied ( Favorite book with multiple POV's )

Hmmmm I would have to say that All The Bright Places is a great multiple POV story (well, it only has 2 but still). It's one of my favorite books and I think it played really well with the issues of it's characters and what goes on in their heads. But if we're talking about multiple "multiple" POV's, I think the book that I enjoyed, which isn't exactly my favorite but really had quite the impact on me, was Tommy Wallach's We All Looked Up. There's a wonderful story in there that talks about what people would do before they die and it has characters that have pretty diverse personalities and issues, so it was great dwelling on that.

10. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story ( A book series you think will be remembered throughout history )

There's plenty of books out there that will go down in history as some of the best books in lifetimes and more. I think The Catcher in the Rye can definitely go down in history, as being the first yet obscure young adult novel. To Kill A Mockingbird definitely would be historical because of its depictions of racism in the South and many more. As for a more recent series, I think Harry Potter will be remembered by children and children at heart all over the world for its wonder, charm and pull to its readers. 

There were some questions in Maureen's description box as bonuses, so I thought I'd choose some that I'd enjoy.


Helpless ( A relationship you were pulling for from the very start )

I actually feel awful for saying this, coz I know there are tons of fans out there who might think otherwise, but I've always pulled for Jem and Tessa of The Infernal Devices. I've just been a sucker for secondary main guys. They deserve all the love and Jem is super special to me... He deserves the world.

Ten Duel Commandments ( Favorite fight scene )

I didn't have a problem choosing which book to pull out the fight scene for however, the problem was, which of these will I choose??? There's so many!!! A Darker Shade of Magic has some of the most amazing, gory and somewhat detailed fight scenes I've ever read and they are fantastic but I can't just choose one. So every single fight scene in this is iconic!

So guys! That's it for this book tag! I had sooooooo sooooo much fun! If you're a blogger or booktuber or just really love this soundtrack, then go ahead and do the tag! I urge you! Till next time! As Lin would say, good luck with the lotto!

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