Friday, March 4, 2016

Chocolates, First Loves and Book Crushes: A Goodbye (For Now)

Chocolates, First Loves and Book Crushes is a blog event featuring debut authors answering questions that I have sent them as they talk  about their Valentine's day routines, love, book crushes and more. For a list of all the participating authors, check it out here.

Phew! Wow!!! What a really busy month February month has...for my blog. LOL! What happened to all the laziness this blog promised? HAHAHA! Just kidding!

I'm so happy that this event has been successful! So many amazing authors joined us this February.

1. Laurie Elizabeth Flynn (Firsts)------Read the interview
2. Melissa Gorzelanczyk (Arrows)------Read the interview
4. Shannon M. Parker (The Girl Who Fell)------Read the interview
5. Brittany Cavallaro (A Study in Charlotte)------Read the interview
6. Ami Allen-Vath (Liars and Losers Like Us)------Read the interview
7. Dana Elmendorf (South of Sunshine)------Read the interview
8. Brooks Benjamin (My Seventh-Grade Life In Tights)------Read the interview
9. Melanie Conklin (Counting Thyme)------Read the interview
10. Laura Tims (Please Don't Tell)------Read the interview

I didn't expect that the event would be well-received. I was happy that there was a fair amount of people who got really interested in the event. I would loooove to thank the authors for being a part of this lovely event. I enjoyed every single bit of it. And I don't know if I would make this an annual event but hopefully that can be manageable so I can host 2017 debut authors and for the years to come. 

Thank you so much to all you fantastic readers who stuck with me till the end of this month... Now, to hibernate. LOL! But seriously.

See you!

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