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The Blog Crashers: Aneesa of A Crave For Books

The Blog Crashers is a blog event featuring book bloggers who crash into my blog for a day. They talk about themselves, their blog, books and more! If you're a book blogger, do sign up to the form and join in the fun!

OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH!!! I THINK I AM GOING FAINT!!! *HYPERVENTILATES* This is so cool! I have never done an interview before and oh my! Isn't this the coolest? I was supposed to introduce myself wasn't I? Oh shoot! Hey fellow book lovers, I am Aneesa and thank you for taking your time to read this, I hope you will stick around! :)

1.  Hi! Thank you for taking your time for the blog! Now, please introduce yourself.
  • Hey! Thank you for so much for this! Hmm…*gets thinking cap on* Introduce myself? You got me in a bit of a sticky situation haven’t you now? Hahaha..Joking! Okay, so my name is Aneesa hello to everyone!

2. Where are you blogging from?
  • Oh, just outside of London

3. What’s your blog’s name and what inspired your blog’s name?
  • A Crave For Books. Yep, it sure is; its my baby at the moment ;). That is a very good question, I don’t really remember to be honest as it was a few years ago but I think it is a nice fit since I love books and reading and would consume them if I could, it’s a craving what can I say? ;)

4. How long have you been blogging and what do you enjoy most about it?
  • Almost a year now, cannot believe how fast time has gone! I love mostly reading and reviewing books, but there are perks to blogging as I have met some incredible people. Also, I love interacting with people and getting to know them better, I love talking as you can probably tell.

5. Who would you say is/are the person/people who influenced you to blog?
  • I am not sure, I always thought writing was therapeutic for me in a way. A way to live in the moment by the constant rush of life we live in a day to day basis. So blogging helped with that a lot, helped me to focus and have a journal for books!

6. Have you had any frustrations or insecurities about blogging?
  • Yes, I think its safe to say that at one point in our life we do get or feel insecure. I did when I definitely started, I wanted to do overcome this rather than letting fears run my life. Also, the editing aspect of blogging can be increasingly frustrating when it never does what you want it to but I guess all technology is like that?

7. What is the best experience you’ve had when blogging and what do you love about the community?
  • I love the interaction, this could be between authors, bloggers, other book lovers and so on. I love how we can all just fangirl about the same book it’s a very surreal experience.

8. Now, share a photo of you with your current read/fave read.
  • Not too comfortable with this, so can I want to insert my fav book instead 

9. Now, in that fave or current read, choose an actor/actress you’d like to play any of the characters and explain why.
  • This is a very difficult question since this series is very powerful, I know this movie is in the making at the moment but not on a very high budget. In my opinion, this is a must read story and these kind of messages need to be encouraged and brought awareness to. In terms of actress or actor playing the characters, I would have to agree with the author and cast people who would do the character justice and be more authentic (not to say that any actor/actress could not play these characters well). I want to see this series be very successful, I love both the author and series.

10. What’s your shower song? Or what do you mostly think in the shower? (I’m sorry. I’m a perv)
  • At the moment, Zayn Malik’s new song Pillowtalk or Lush Life by Zara Larsson. Its okay, I ask this question a lot so I guess it makes me a perv too ;)

11. What is the one movie you’ll never get tired of watching from the time to time?
  • There are loads, but probably The Conjuring or Lion King 2 both are my fav films

12. What other hobbies or passion projects do you have?
  • Sports, shopping, travelling, IT (gadget nerd), adventure. I have two passionate projects which I want to work on at the moment; cars and travelling. I would love to do both very soon!

13. What books from 2016 are you super excited to read. You may put 5-10 books...or less if you like.

14. What would you like to say to Jayvee? LOL
  • Oh Jayvee, you’re a sweet soul who I have got to know through the internet and I love how considerate you are, so please never change your beautiful the way you are.  Right, thank you for reading how boring I am and sticking with me. I have to go now, I can hear my family calling me hurry up and eat dinner instead of starving myself with reading. Ciao everyone, you guys are the best! 

15. Your message to the blogging community?
  • I would like to say thank you to everyone who welcomed me with open arms, I love interacting with people so I hope I get to meet more amazing people and talk about how we love books. Other than that, I would just say each  and everyone of you are special and beautiful inside out so NEVER let anyone tell you your not beautiful enough or you can’t do something. Dream big and chase after it. All the best to everyone! J

P.S. I forgot to mention if you want to check out my blog or come and say hi, links will be down below. Please do come and say hi I promise I don’t bite!

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