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The Blog Crashers: Ely of Tea & Titles

The Blog Crashers is a blog event featuring book bloggers who crash into my blog for a day. They talk about themselves, their blog, books and more! If you're a book blogger, do sign up to the form and join in the fun!

Hi Jayvee's lovely misfit booknerds, I'm Ely from Tea & Titles. Today I'm lucky enough to be taking over Jayvee's blog to introduce myself to all of you. I'm really excited to be here, so without further ado—here's a little about me!

1.  Hi! Thank you for taking your time for the blog! Now, please introduce yourself.
  • Hi, I’m Ely! I’m very, very excited to be apart of Jayvee’s Open Blog Month event. So a little bit about me…I read almost every genre, but I especially love YA fantasy, mysteries and classics. When I’m not reading, I’m either writing my own novels or binge watching TV and drinking my weight in tea.
2. Where are you blogging from?
  • I live in Melbourne, Australia as does my co-blogger/best friend, Michelle.

3. What’s your blog’s name and what inspired your blog’s name?
  • My blog is called Tea & Titles. Michelle was actually the one to come up with the name. We both love tea, and we wanted to talk about more than just books—comics, TV, movies etc. so we thought ‘titles’ fit perfectly.

4. How long have you been blogging and what do you enjoy most about it?
  • Tea & Titles has been up for less than a year, but before that I had another blog which I was on for three years. This July will be my fourth year of blogging. My favourite thing about blogging is making new friends. I’ve met some amazing people through blogging, including Michelle, so I feel very lucky.

5. Who would you say is/are the person/people who influenced you to blog?
  • There wasn’t a person persay that influenced me. I started blogging because I loved watching booktube, but I knew I didn’t have the confidence to make my own videos, so I started blogging instead. 

6. Have you had any frustrations or insecurities about blogging?
  • All the time! I get very frustrated with formatting blog posts—I swear sometimes Wordpress just hates me. I feel very insecure about wording of posts sometimes. I worry that I’m not making sense, or that my little jokes aren’t funny. 

7. Oh well, you can always skip #6 if you don’t feel comfortable answering that. Instead, what is the best experience you’ve had when blogging and what do you love about the community?

  • I recently hosted an event with one of my best blogging friends, Val @ The Innocent Smiley. It was about WWII, and we’d been planning it for months. I never expected anyone to join in, but it went incredibly well. I think that’s one of my best experiences so far. 

8. Now, share a photo of you with your current read/fave read.

  • I kind of cheated here, but Michael Crichton is one of my favourite authors ever. Here am I in my natural habit, being a Crichton fangirl.

9. Now, in that fave or current read, choose an actor/actress you’d like to play any of the characters and explain why.
  • I don’t ever ‘fancast’ books when I read them. I just picture the characters how they are described, or how I imagine them to look rather than basing them off a celebrity. 

10. What’s your shower song? Or what do you mostly think in the shower? (I’m sorry. I’m a perv)
  • Usually I just plan what I’m going to do afterwards—i.e. what book I’m going to read, or if I need to check something online or send a message to someone etc.

11. What is the one movie you’ll never get tired of watching from the time to time?
  • My dad and I re-watch The Terminator together every month, so I’ll never get tired of that. We can actually quote it word for word, and we always make obscure references to each other.

12. What other hobbies or passion projects do you have?
  • Writing, drinking tea and eating are the big ones. I major in Literature at Uni, so I spend all of my time studying for that too.

13. What books from 2016 are you super excited to read. You may put 5-10 books...or less if you like.

14. What would you like to say to Jayvee? LOL
  • Thank you for hosting this event, and for giving me the chance to participate 
15. Your message to the blogging community?

  • Um, hey. I really like you!

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