Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Love Letter To You, Abed Nadir

"Some flies are just too awesome for the wall."
 -Abed, Community

(image courtesy of ME)

Dear Abed...

You're an awesome character. Yes, I have a crush on a fictional character, so what? It's not like chances of finding somebody like him won't pop up. HAHAHA!

(image courtesy of Community Wiki)
 Abed, I totally understand your choices in emotions or actually, your lack of emotions to be exact. I love you as Han Solo, Don Draper, Inspector Spacetime, Batman and every other character you choose to role-play with Annie.

Speaking of Annie, you two should really hook-up... I love the two of you together. Your chemistry is impeccable. And your intellectual understanding is very attractive.

And even when your Evil Abed, you're still wonderful. I wouldn't mind being taken to the darkest timeline.

(image courtesy of Community Wiki)

Lot's of love,
Jayvee (An Avid Fan of Community)

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