Friday, May 24, 2013


That’s right. News of the sequel to the popular movie: PITCH PERFECT is now on the works. So we’ll be expecting Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin and the ever lovable and pitch-slappin’ FAT AMY played by Aussie comedian Rebel Wilson, hit the big screen again. And it seems that new characters are gonna settle in since the movie ended with an audition. *wink wink*

The said sequel will premiere on 2015, so we still have some time to make predictions and what-not on how the sequel will end up.

First things first. COMEDY. Of course we are gonna expect some laughs, especially since Rebel Wilson is still involved. We are gonna be seein’ some horizontal runnin’ and probably some mermaid dancing 2.0.

And since it’s called “PITCH” Perfect, then definitely there’s MUSIC. We’ll probably end up with more riff-offs, group acapella singing and some serious competition for the new ICCA championship. And who would not want his or her favorite song to be featured in the new movie? I wish they’d sing Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding. Anything could happen, right? So I’m crossing my fingers.


Lastly, that ROMANCE vibe that every teenage girl likes, including me. Now, I’m not that girly-girly but I get way too taken with lovey-dovey scenes. The previous movie had a few scenes, so we can undoubtedly expect a deeper relationship between Beca and Jesse and hopefully a couple addition too. Oooh! And a foil to their relationship would be fun too! HAHAHA!

Two years to go yet I have so much expectations with the movie already. I just can’t wait to laugh and sing-out to the new movie. Better make sure that my pitch is perfect too. LOL.

Now, tell me what you think! That would be fun! :D

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