Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Floor and I

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At the age of five, I started to like our floor, very much. It was a tiled floor; cold and smooth from the waxing and cleaning. During the times I watched television, I would lie down on the stony floor and would laugh away as the characters ran from one scene to the other. I enjoyed every bit of television fun while lying down on the floor.

A blackout happened at around the time when I was seven. I lay down the floor to watch the telly or read my favorite books or type in the old typewriter I found in our basement. But the telly was out. I’ve read out my favorites books from liking them and the old typewriter was jammed since my ass of a brother played with the ink strip. I had nothing better to do. The sun was out still, but I didn’t feel like playing patintero or hide-and-seek with my cousins and friends. It was inexplicably hot too. The nerve of the weather acting up while there was no electricity. I was not the type to hold a tantrum so I decided to sit at the wooden chairs in our living room.

They weren’t comfy and they weren’t cool either. Cool. Cool…Cold. RIGHT! The floor was cold enough and maybe I could sleep without sweating so much. I got an old blanket and rested it on the floor. As I lay on the hard, cold floor, ideas popped into my head. I wanted to learn this and that. I thought of a strategy on how to beat everyone in a game of finish line. I got new ideas of what stories to write in my typewriter once my parents have it fixed. I had cleared my mind.

I never knew that the floor would be my greatest ally in times when I needed an idea. It’s sad actually that I couldn’t just lay on the floor at school when I needed an awesome idea. Most of the time I end up saying or doing things in a mediocre fashion. But when I’m at home, I lay on the floor and as if it has magical powers, would bestow upon me cunning ideas for a new project or how to get away with a fault.

Up until now, I still use the floor when I need new ideas and clear my head. Kinda like having your own massage chair. Our house is new, so the floor’s a bit different. Doesn’t matter.

Don’t worry. I haven’t caught pneumonia yet. (Lucky me…) My posture’s a bit ruined though. Oh well…

(Sorry guys if you found this weird. It’s just one of the perks of being me…)

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