Monday, May 13, 2013

When I Watched Juno Walk

The thing about pirated, downloaded-off-the-internet movies is that it's hassle free and I don't have to go to a rental shop here at my place just to hear them say, "Oh, we don't have it." Well, F you for that. And you call yourselves movie rental stores.

I was pretty much against the idea of downloading through torrents. Basically coz I had no idea what torrents were and how they worked. Anyway, after much clear and deliberative thought about it, I decided to succumb to my evilness and download a movie off of the internet.

And download I did. It wasn't so bad actually. A few presses of tabs and links and boom. You got yourself a movie. The first movie I ever downloaded from a torrent website was Juno.

For those who are not familiar with the movie, let me give you a brief summary:

"Juno MacGuff is a 16 year old, junior high school girl who ended up being pregnant after having sex with her best friend Paulie Bleeker. She decides to have it aborted but quickly changes her mind to have it adopted by a family in the identity of the Lorings."

So, I guess that's not much of a summary even though it is "brief". You should probably see it, coz from watching it, I knew that my decision to fall over to the dark-side was worth it.

It's not your typical kick-ass movie where the guy gets the girl then they hook up in the end. In this movie, the girl gets the guy and they hook up in the beginning and not in the end, so different from others: CHECK.

It's witty. That's for sure. I stared at laptop,waiting for those first words to come out of Ellen Page's mouth. And when she said, "It started with a chair." I knew that I've fallen in love with her character.

I'm a total movie-junkie and I'm the type who assesses her movies very well, thank you very much. But I was never the type to obsess over Robert Pattinson as he sparkles when he was hit by sunlight or dropped dead when Logan Lerman fought off beasts. I liked them, but I didn't fall in love with them.

Juno, I fell in love with. Yeah I know. Why would I fall in love with a character that curses a lot, gets pregnant just coz she says she was "bored" and barfs at an urn by the hallway. Yup. I definitely fell in love with her for that.

But it wasn't like I fell in love with her just coz she's rude. Sure, the movie offers tons of chances for her to be rude, but the movie's family-oriented and Juno is selfless.

Selfless, I know. Not the first word you'd think about from the first take, but seeing Juno take responsibility of the child still, is truly selfless of her and worrying about other's welfare over her own is damn right selfless...

So uhm, ranting about my love for the movie is totally out of the topic, and clearly the title doesn't suggest it'd be about pirating movies, so a WIN-WIN situation don't we all agree?

SO THANK YOU to the wonderful "WORLD WIDE WEB" for creating websites that offer movies I can never find in rental stores and thank you for allowing me to see Juno walk...

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