Monday, January 20, 2014

If I Share My Stories

HELLO MISFITS! I have something that I have been worrying to ask about ever since by I don't know how to confront you of it or what, but please tell me, ARE YOU NOT REAL? NAH!!! JUST KIDDING!

What I meant to say was, that I have been, as much as possible, honest with you guys with a few things about me, through my page, THE MISFIT DIARY. And though some of my friends find it incredibly stupid to rant about CHEESE maybe or finding a FUTURE BOYFRIEND to people whom I'm not sure actually read my blog, I just find surrender and release to just type in things on my computer with sadness, hate or happiness. There's contentment to them. And it's the same with writing stories!

I love writing stories ever since I was a kid. Probably around 5 years old when my stories revolved on cats and dogs or why the Gingerbread Man did not allow poor Susie to keep warm at night. Yeah. I was 5. Cut me some slack. But through the years, I was subjected to more interesting concepts and have been writing more complex, hopeful or tragic stories (I think tragic is an understatement..LOL! KIDDING).

And recently, I have tried to find portals where I can share my stories. Yeah, Wattpad is safer, but I feel like my stories would be up against romantic sad-saps or teenagers meeting their prince charmings and they all live happily ever after. No offense to Wattpad writers, yeah. I have read a few stories there that I might say, worth my time. It's just that they aren't as known or understood basically coz we've been fandomized. Again, sorry but not entirely sorry.

And as much as I do condemn romantics, I do write a bit about them but let's say it's more like Looking For Alaska-ish than The City of Bones-ish. Get it?

So, I wanna share them with you! I really do! But then, the thing is. I am scared! I am blunt, I believe so, but with my stories, I just can't seem to get them out to public! I do want to but the idea that it could be plagiarized is scary. I plan to share my stories here in my blog but yeah, copyright issues could happen and I don't want that. But I want to share them really! I'm split by my own self! UGH! So frustrating!

So, it could either work my way or not but it would be so much comforting if you could tweet me about it or leave a comment if I should continue with putting up my stories here on my blog! It will give me such a confidence boost if you can give me words of ENCOURAGEMENT MISFITS! :')

Soon, I'll find a publisher but before that, I need a portal. So. HELP ME?

That's it for this crappy blog post! I'm sorry about this. I just needed to let it all out. I'll hear from you, yes? Thank you MISFITS! <3

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