Monday, January 27, 2014

HER: A Short Story (Part 1)

(So recently I decided to pursue this story in my head. It will be in parts until I think that the story could end or even not end but I feel like it did... I'm sorry! I'm complicated! Anyway, here it is. Please enjoy!)

Photo Credits to IPickMyNose of DevianArt

I've always wondered about that existence of yours, whether you were real or just a fragment in my eyes, playing with my heart. It seems that I am playing with my own, hurting the very veins by the thought of you.

I've marveled at your beauty when we first met. I could not take my eyes off of your eyes. There was distance in them but they were never dead. You never did notice, didn't you? How I looked at you? You come by the shop almost everyday, with a man by your side. I envied him. He was near you, while I was in the counter, looking at you profusely, with all the intent in my heart to love you.

You went to the counter and all I could do was look at the calmness of your face and the smile you naturally had on as you walked towards me. The man you were with held your hand. He took the basket of things you shopped for such as flour, eggs and sugar. There was also a vial of cinnamon and nutmeg. So you bake? I wanted to ask you that since you shopped for the usual things. 

I received the items and punched them down as the cash register printed out your receipt. I worried. We would part ways again. The man, who still held your hand, whispered words to your ears. How I wish I can say sweet nothings to you too. You rummaged through your bag, your hands shaking and stuck out two $100 bills in your frail hands. The man grabbed them, took the other $100 bill and slipped it to your bag the he paid for your dues and grabbed the change

You smiled faintly and said thank you as you and the man rushed out the store. The man carried the bags in one hand and the other one was loosely holding yours. 

All I could say, in the now empty shop was COME AGAIN...

YAY! That's it for the first part of this series? I think! HAHAHA! Anyway, tell me what you think about it through here or Twitter! Just tweet me with the gadget at the side! OR LEAVE A COMMENT! Thank you sooo much! I'll post the next one on Monday next week!


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